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NBC (ended 1987)

What are your five favorite emotionally sad scenes and which episodes?

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    My five are

    1. Mom's Birthday where the girls are looking at old movies of their mother and them when they were young children. I think it's sweet and sad how they sing Happy Birthday to their mother and call her Mama. Katie and Julie are sad, but poor Samantha looks like she's on the very of tears, and a total emotional break down.

    2. A Cat Story when they think Simpson has perished in the river during a storm.

    3. Sam goes to college, because it marked the end of having the original cast around. Katie, (Kari Michaelson) had bowed out of the show, as had Lauri Hendler. Lara Jill Miller was now going to college, and her scenes in the show would be numbered as well.

    4. Nell goes to New York, because none of the original cast was part of the show anymore, not Kari, Lauri, Lara, John Hoyt, or Howard Morton.

    5. And last but not least, Joey's Train. This was heart wrenching as it was the first episode they did without one of the greatest members of the cast Dolph Sweet or Chief. Dolph had passed away in 1985, and the rest of the cast was going to have to soldier on with out him. It was heart wrenching to see how the cast was handling it. Nell was an emotional wreck, as she had just given the eulergy at Dolph's Funeral. You could just feel the sadness of everyone involved. The parts that always get me are when Simpson arrives at the back kitchen door with a box containing all the Chiefs things from his locker at the station. Simpson and Nell have a very emotional exchange, and Simpson says that the Chief never yelled at anyone he didn't like. Nell says that he must've loved her, and Simpson said that Yes indeed the Chief had loved her. I well up when Simpson says that not all of Chief things are in the box, he's keeping the Chief's bowling shoes even though they don't fit him, he just wants to have something of the Chiefs. The other scene is when Nell freaks out on Joey and everyone else does too. He doesn't understand why everyone is mad at him. They teach him that it shows respect to not be in the Chiefs room. Grandpa then steps in and says that it's not good to not remember Carl. He says that the best thing to do is to talk about him and all the wonderful times they had with him.

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    I would like to respond to what you wrote about the scene in the first of the five episodes that you mentioned. The thing that I especially liked about the episode called "Mom's Birthday" is that Hazel Shermet was a guest stars. For those of you who might not know, she was the door-to-door saleslady who appeared early in the episode. I think she is great! After I submit this comment, I plan on starting a new post about another episode in which she was a guest. So you in a minute!

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