Gimme a Break!

Season 4 Episode 25

Julie's Birthday

Aired Unknown May 11, 1985 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The Chief is only seen several times in this episode. Mainly walking in one room and into another, shaking his head because he thinks Jonathan is an "Idiot Pizza Delivery Boy" as he had put it.

  • Quotes

    • Carl: (reading from a birthday card.) "To my daughter Julie on her 18th birthday, from Dad." Do you think that's too mushy?

    • (Nell walks into the kitchen as Julie and Jonathan walk through the back door.)
      Nell: Oh, Julie, honey, where...I was worried sick...They said you weren't upstairs. Where were you? Where've you been?
      Jonathan: Las Vegas.
      Nell: You didn't tell me he gambled!
      Julie: We got married this morning.
      Nell: (Looks at the ring) Better you should gamble.
      Jonathan: This is no gamble, it's a sure thing.
      Nell: What about your father?
      Jonathan: Well, my father thinks 19 is old enough to be on my own, that's why he threw me out of the house when I told him we got married.
      Nell: Not your father! (Nell points to Julie) Your father! The one in there, the one with the gun! What are you going to tell him?!
      Julie: The truth.
      Nell: The truth?
      Jonathan: It's like you said Nell...
      Nell: I said?
      Jonathan: ..."Be brave young lovers and follow your hearts".
      Julie: Yeah, so we took your advice Nell...
      Nell: My advice?
      Julie: ...and got married.
      Carl: Is that Julie in there Nell?
      Nell: Noooooo!

  • Notes

    • This episode was videotaped on March 19, 1985.

    • "To be continued" appears at the conclusion of this episode which means that this originally was written as a two-part-er. However, we can only gather that the second part was never made due to Dolph Sweet's death. At the end of the first episode of season five "Joey's Train," as the cast is reminiscing about Carl, Julie talks about how she and Jonathan broke the news of their eloping to Las Vegas to Carl and how he reacted with love and how he grounded both of them.

    • According to the E! True Hollywood Story, prior to Dolph Sweet's death, producers told him that since his health was declining they offered to either write him off of the script or have him appear in telephone scenes (which they did do on an episode earlier that season). However, he decided to work, which is what he loved to do, since it kept him busy. Also, according to the E! True Hollywood Story, Nell Carter was actually with Dolph Sweet at his bedside when he passed away. At the funeral service, Nell delivered the eulogy.

    • Grandpa sings a verse of "Amore".

    • Luigi's Pizza truck, which Jonathan drives when delivering pizzas has the tune to "Amore", whenever it stops at a house that orders pizza.

    • This is Dolph Sweet's last episode.

  • Allusions

    • Nell: Be brave, young lovers, and follow your heart. Cling very close to each other tonight. I've been in love like you.

      When Nell this to Jonathan, to try to get him to get back with Julie. These are actually lyrics from the song "Hello, Young Lovers" from the soundtrack of "The King and I"