Gimme a Break!

Season 4 Episode 25

Julie's Birthday

Aired Unknown May 11, 1985 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • (Nell walks into the kitchen as Julie and Jonathan walk through the back door.)
      Nell: Oh, Julie, honey, where...I was worried sick...They said you weren't upstairs. Where were you? Where've you been?
      Jonathan: Las Vegas.
      Nell: You didn't tell me he gambled!
      Julie: We got married this morning.
      Nell: (Looks at the ring) Better you should gamble.
      Jonathan: This is no gamble, it's a sure thing.
      Nell: What about your father?
      Jonathan: Well, my father thinks 19 is old enough to be on my own, that's why he threw me out of the house when I told him we got married.
      Nell: Not your father! (Nell points to Julie) Your father! The one in there, the one with the gun! What are you going to tell him?!
      Julie: The truth.
      Nell: The truth?
      Jonathan: It's like you said Nell...
      Nell: I said?
      Jonathan: ..."Be brave young lovers and follow your hearts".
      Julie: Yeah, so we took your advice Nell...
      Nell: My advice?
      Julie: ...and got married.
      Carl: Is that Julie in there Nell?
      Nell: Noooooo!