Gimme a Break!

Season 2 Episode 22

Nell Gets Sick

Aired Unknown May 05, 1983 on NBC



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    • (Grandma sees Katie's date, and makes him come in the house)
      Grandma: I thought you said you were going to a concert, not a masquerade.
      Katie: It's a punk concert.
      Grandma: Oh, this must be the punk.
      Katie: Greg, this is my grandmother. Grandma, this is Greg Hartman.
      Greg: Hello, nice to meet you.
      Grandma: Is that an earring you're wearing?
      Greg: Sure is.
      Grandma: Oh, what they'll do today to break their mothers' hearts.
      Katie: Well, we got to get going.
      Grandma: If you don't mind my asking. Is one half of your hair brown?
      Greg: You got it Grandma.
      Grandma: And is this half of your hair pink?
      Greg: You got it again.
      Grandma: Were you born that way?
      Greg: I can't remember, I was just a baby
      (Grandma and Greg both laugh sarcastically)
      Grandma: Drop him. He's a nutcase.

    • Grandma: My grandfather ate glopnik every day of his life, and he lived to be 102.
      Julie: How did he die?
      Grandma: He was shot in the war.
      Katie: He was in the army at 102?
      Grandma: No, he was in a pool room. He was leaning out the window to find out what the shooting was about...he found out.

  • Notes

    • This episode was videotaped on March 04, 1983.

    • This is Jane Dulo's last episode. It was made clear later the following season that Grandma had passed away, which set the stage for Grandpa moving into the Kanisky household.

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