Gimme a Break!

Season 2 Episode 9

Sam Faces Death

Aired Unknown Dec 04, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

Samantha comes home from school in a bad mood, because her ball game was cancelled on count of a stupid fight. The doorbell rings and Samantha answers the door. It is Officer Simpson, who works for the Chief. The Chief comes in the house mad as a hornet at Simpson, who accidentally shot the Chief. Later, Eddie, the Chief's brother, comes in to check on the Chief. Eddie grabs Samantha by the hand to take her out and see a dead person in his hearse, but Samantha gets mad as a hornet at Eddie and angrily storms upstairs and talks to God about why people who are very close to her have to die around her. Samantha tells God he already took her Mother from her. Later, Samantha feels a whole lot better after talking to Grandpa. Nell comes home from her cousin's funeral and Samantha is happy to have Nell home.

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