Gimme a Break! - Season 2

NBC (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Nell Gets Sick
    Nell Gets Sick
    Episode 22
    When Nell is sick at home and the Chief going off to Los Angeles for a meeting, he calls his mother to help out around the house. She shuns away Katies new boyfriend since he has pink hair, puts garlic on everyone because she doesn't want them to catch Nells sickness, and feeds the family lamb with goats intestines. Fed up by this, everyone forces Samantha to go to Grandpa and tell him to beg Grandma to return home and she falls head over heels for him.moreless
  • Nell and the Kid
    Nell and the Kid
    Episode 21
    While at "Max's Delicatessen", Nell and Max see a girl shoplifting. Nell saves her from being arrested, telling Max she is taking her home. Nell finds out she has nowhere to go since her parents left her and her grandmother had recently died. When the Chief finds this out, he is ready to arrest her, but she agrees to live with Max and help him out at the store. At first, the two don't get along so well, but they accept that each other has to get by even though there are people in their life that are no longer around.moreless
  • Glenlawn Street Blues
    When Samantha reads Nell part of her essay she is doing on the Chief for school, Nell tells her it would be a good idea to go to the police station and observe her father in his daily routine. When she gets there she observes several different scenarios. One scenario involves Mr. Swackhammer having a plumber arrested for stealing his toilet, which he claims flushes up and not down, since the plumber says he didn't pay for it after it was installed. Another scenario involves a teenage girl that claims her dentist impregnated her while she was under anesthesia, but the Chief realizes it's a fake story and knows that she is only trying to cover up for her boyfriend getting her pregnant and he volunteers to tell the girl's parents which she agrees to. The final scenario involves a mother and father worried about their missing baby in the supermarket. The father of the baby snaps and doesn't like the way the Chief handles the job. However, in the end, the child is brought to the police station by a mother and her daughter who has mental problems and didn't mean to take the baby. The father of the baby tells the Chief to arrest the girl and storms off after the Chief tells him there's nothing he can do. Nell arrives and tells the father of the baby that the Chief is a good person and he is doing his job right. In the end, Swackhammer's toilet, which is full of coffee from the broken coffee machine, sits in the station. The Chief wants to know what to do with it, and Nell tells him and Simpson to dunk their donuts in it.moreless
  • Grandpa Robs a Bank
    Grandpa Robs a Bank
    Episode 19
    Grandpa hides a letter from Grandma and she believes he's cheating on her. When she secretly takes the letter and reads it, she realizes that the apartment they live in is being converted into a condo and they need to come up with $60,000 or else they have to leave. Grandpa and Nell go to the bank and after the loan officer declines him for a loan, everyone mistakes him as a robber when he says he's going to "off" the loan officer, when he was really just turning off his hearing aid. The police are called, and the Chief tells the bank that his father and Nell would never do such a thing. Grandpa tells the man at the bank that he gave him the money when he was mistaken for a robber, but he wouldn't give it to an honest guy like him. The man gives him a waffle iron and apologizes for the way he treated him. In the end, the Chief tells Grandpa and Grandma that they don't have to move since he made Simpson pose as a building inspector and found a lot of violations, forcing it not to go condo after all.moreless
  • Eddie Gets Married
    Eddie Gets Married
    Episode 18
    At the dinner table, Grandpa insists that Eddie should marry Maxine, since they have been going together for six months, and she says that if he ever asked her she would agree. Due to this soft-fit proposal, he agrees to propose to her, and the two plan to marry. However, on their wedding day, Eddie locks himself in the bathroom, after he decides he needed time to think about all of this he is getting into. He tells Maxine that when he was thinking, he knew that he would rather be too old with her, then too old without her. She decides to take him back, and the two are finally married.moreless
  • The Return of the Doo-Wop Girls
    Nell tells about her singing past with a doo-wop girl group. Nell and her two friends, years before she met the Kaniskys, decide to audition to be singers. However, the man from the talent agency likes the other two girls, and refuses to let Nell be part of the group. Nell knows that the girls are going to visit her and haven't seen her in years, and in the end she finds out they are fat like her, and lost their singing careers after they gained weight.moreless
  • The Custody Suit
    The Custody Suit
    Episode 16
    Aunt Blanche pays a visit to the Chief on his birthday and threatens to take custody of the girls after seeing what looks like Nell and the Chief doing an indecent act in the kitchen, when she really was doing the Heimlich maneuver on him as he was choking on a piece of his sandwich. In court, Aunt Blanche breaks down, after Nell tells her that Blanche really doesn't want her to raise the girls because she is black. Blanche then decides to drop the suit in the end.moreless
  • The Centerfold (2)
    The Centerfold (2)
    Episode 15
    The man who has a bomb strapped to him tells Simpson he knows him from some place. He realizes that he's seen him before at the singles bar. They both talk about how they can never pick up women, and how Simpson likes a woman officer but he doesn't have the courage to tell her. The man decides at the last second to stop the bomb and tells Simpson he will look him up when he is done with his time in jail. Simpson then confesses to the Chief that he sent a picture of the officer from the Christmas party to the magazine and that is why they chose her to model in it. The Chief decides to take back his compliment of telling Simpson he is a hero. The Mayor of Glenlawn who is about to be re-elected tells the Chief to re-hire the officer or else he will fire him. The Chief decides to go to a live telecast taping with the Mayor and hires the officer back. Simpson finally has the courage to tell the officer he likes her and she decides to go out with him.moreless
  • The Centerfold (1)
    The Centerfold (1)
    Episode 14
    When Mr. Swackhammer shows up the Kanisky house to inform the Chief about the female officer who posed nude, the Chief rushes into work and tells her she is fired. Once the town and the country get a hold of what happened, they are against what the Chief did. Even the girls and Nell don't like how he fired the officer. The police station begins to be mobbed by angry women who picket and are forced to leave, and Simpsons mother shows up and hits the Chief with her pocket book. If that wasn't enough, Hamilton Storm shows up to do a cover story on how unfair the Chief is, just as a mad bomber shows up and is about to blow up the whole place.moreless
  • Julie Smokes
    Julie Smokes
    Episode 13
    The Chief finds a cigarette in his sock and questions each of the girls about it. When he finds out that it wasn't Samantha or Katie, he tears through Julie's room and then apologizes when she tells him she would never smoke. However, she smokes as soon as he leaves the room and he catches her. She then moves to Grandma and Grandpa's after he hits her and it's up to him to get her to come home. He tells her that years before he and Margaret were smokers and he quit and so did she, but went on and off until it was too late and she got lung cancer and died. In the end, Julie realizes that is the reason why he slapped her and she agrees to come home and stop smoking.moreless
  • Love, Kidney
    Love, Kidney
    Episode 12
    While playing the accordion at dinner, Uncle Ed falls ill and faints into the fish tank while cooling off. He ends up in the hospital and when he wakes up he finds out that he needs to have a kidney transplant due to not living a healthy life and a sibling would be the best bet for a transplant. The Chief talks with Ed and is worried about him and tells him he will do anything to help him get through this. Ed asks him if he'll donate his kidney to him and he agrees. Once the family hears this, Julie is against it, and slowly the rest of the family begins to get scared and they have thoughts on the Chief dying. The Chief tells Nell that if he does die in the operation that she can raise the girls and she will get the house. However, the operation is a success and everyone dances as Ed's doctor plays the accordion for the family.moreless
  • Love Thy Neighbor
    Love Thy Neighbor
    Episode 11
    Nell is woken up in the early hours of the morning by a neighbors barking dog. When the Chief wakes up, he sees that she is asleep at the kitchen table and she tells him why she didn't get enough sleep. He phones their neighbor to come over and have coffee and Nell tells her about her dog. She then leaves and Nell goes outside to throw his dog doo inside a bag and light it on fire as he bites her and she takes the neighbor and her dog to court. At court, the neighbor says that the dog never bit anyone before, and the case is dropped, until Simpson shows up and says the dog had bitten two people before and the case is open again, the lady is sued, and the dog will be put to sleep. However, Nell changes her mind and drops the case when she hears about the dog being put to sleep for what he did. The neighbor tells Nell that she will keep her dog inside at night from now on.moreless
  • Nell Goes Door to Door
    Angie tells Nell that she is going on a trip to Mexico with the money she made by selling vaccums. She urges Nell to attend a gathering where the operator of the sales talks about how rich everyone is getting off of the product. Nell then has a party at the house and invites people to it and demonstrates the amazo vac. However, it does not work the way she intended it to, and goes back to another meeting and tells everyone that the salesman is a fake after doing research on him.moreless
  • Sam Faces Death
    Sam Faces Death
    Episode 9

    Nell is out of town at her cousins funeral as Simpson storms into the house and says that the Chief was shot but is all right. The Chief is mad at Simpson because he accidentally shot him in his office when he showed a fellow officer his secret moves with his gun. As he shows the family how he performs the moves, he accidentally shoots the gun again and the bullet smashes into the fish tank, killing Gertrude the goldfish. Soon everyone learns that the Chief has an assassin against him as Simpson is interviewed on the news, telling everyone he saved him from being shot dead by his gun. Samantha becomes obsessed that God is taking too many people around her and begins to talk to him about why he takes people away. In the end, Sam talks to Grandpa and he tells her that she should enjoy life and take it slowly and not have to worry about death anymore. When Nell returns from her cousins funeral, Samantha fills her in on what happened while she was away and she cannot believe it, as Simpson shoots his gun again accidentally inside the house and the Chief runs after him with a club.

  • Katie Steals Julie's Jock
    Julie invites a handsome boy from school to come over to study with her, but he falls for Katie, and the two go out. When Katie comes home, Julie and her have it out in a hilarious catfight of sister versus sister. In the end, Katie finds out that the boy knew Julie was her sister all along and wanted to go over the house so he would get a date with her. Katie and Julie finally make up when Katie tells Julie what the boy told her.moreless
  • The Chief's Gay Evening
    The Chief goes on a stakeout with two officers where they are on lookout for an old-lady targeter. One of the officers dresses up as a woman and stays out in the streets, while the Chief and the other officer wait inside listening to the sounds on the recorder. The Chief cracks a few jokes with the officer about gay people and the officer is offended by this. He then tells the Chief that he himself is gay. The Chief says that he knows it's not going to be easy for the officer to be known as a man who has "come out". In the end, the Chief is stuck in the bathroom when the other officer hears that the targeter has struck. He runs to stop the targeter and is wounded. The Chief finally is able to see that he is not a bad man after all.moreless
  • Porko's II
    Porko's II
    Episode 6
    Nell hosts another one of her PORKO meetings at the house, where the head of the weight loss group shows up. When he arrives, the members of the group mock him for gaining all the weight he lost back. He tells them he is sorry and leaves. Shortly after, Nell gets a phone call from him and realizes he is about to jump from the 13th floor of his hotel. Nell and the other members go to the hotel and get in the elevator but it stalls due to the weight of everyone inside. The elevator then safely makes back to the bottom floor as Nell takes the stairs and the PORKO members take the elevator. In the end, Nell talks him out of jumping off the balcony and everyone agrees to lose 2 pounds a week and stay on their diets.moreless
  • Take My Baby, Please
    Katie's friend, Valerie shows up at the Kanisky house with her new baby David. She tells the family that her husband Jonathan walked out on her. Valerie is serious about putting David up for adoption, since she doesn't have a job to afford him. Nell and the girls take Valerie shopping for baby supplies and leave David with the Chief, who grows attached to him. When the girls return home the Chief tells Valerie that they would have to kill him first before he lets her put David up for adoption and that the family will help her find a job. Nell then takes Valerie to a job interview to become a receptionist and uses her keen sense to drive off fellow competitors for the job. In the end, everyone is glad to hear that Valerie got the job and can afford to keep David.moreless
  • Grandpa's Visit
    Grandpa's Visit
    Episode 4
    When Grandma leaves to go see her sick sister who is about to have an operation, Grandpa is sent to live with the family for a few days. When he shows up, he is nothing but trouble. He wakes up in the middle of the night, bangs a bag of ice cubes on the counter to crush them, causes the garbage disposal to go insane, spies in on a neighbor's backside, and makes Nell's puzzle fall on the floor, only to vacuum it up and wake everyone up. Nell gets mad and tells Grandpa that he is causing nothing but noise. When the Chief tells him to stop doing the things he is doing, Grandpa leaves and goes to the mortuary. In the end, Nell shows up and tells Grandpa to come home and that she was sorry for acting the way she did to him.moreless
  • Sam's Imaginary Friend
    Katie and Julie go out on a double date as Samantha tells everyone to make room for Debbie Jo, an imaginary friend of hers. The Chief thinks she is crazy and talks to Nell about sending her to a shrink. When the thought of Debbie Jo gets too far, the Chief grounds Samantha and goes up to her room and pretends to beat Debbie Jo up and tell Samantha that he doesn't want to send her to a shrink. Samantha runs to Nell and says she hates her father and then tells Nell that Debbie Jo is her only true friend and that no one plays with her anymore since Julie is now dating and has no time for her anymore. Nell tells Samantha to tell Debbie Jo she has to leave and she agrees. She puts her inside of her Jewelery box as she says a tearful goodbye to her and tells her that her mom's picture will watch over her that she keeps inside of it. Nell comforts Samantha who is finally over Debbie Jo.moreless
  • Brother Ed and the Hooker
    At the bowling alley, the Chief meets up with Maxine, a prostitute who helped him nail a bad cop. When Ed meets Carl at the bowling alley, he introduces him to Maxine and the two hit it off. When the Chief finds out that Ed and Maxine moved in together, he tells Ed that he will not have his brother living with an ex-prostitute since she has decided to retire from the business. In the end, Ed stands up for himself and Carl accepts his brother and Maxine living together.moreless
  • Nell Goes to Jail
    Nell Goes to Jail
    Episode 1
    While Nell is on the phone with Angie, her phone dies out and a second later a man from the phone company takes the phone away. She gets fed up and goes to the phone company to get it back, claiming that she did pay her bill, but the man there (Mr. Swackhammer) says that the computer called her "Mrs. Fong", and that she is behind 3 months on it. She gets really aggravated and pulls the phone out and ends up in jail, where the inept Officer Simpson with no typing skills, attempts to fill out a police report. Nell uses her one phone call to call Hamilton Storm, Glenlawn's news reporter, who rushes to the scene, reporting from the "hell hole society calls a jail" that Nell had been wrongfully accused of not paying her phone bill. Mr. Swackhammer then gets a call from his boss, telling him to drop the charges on Nell, and Nell is let free. Nell is then rewarded with a bunch of new phones for the house, and installing them is Mr. Swackhammer, the new assistant to the installer.moreless