Gimme a Break! - Season 3

NBC (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Class of '84
    Class of '84
    Episode 22
    Nell helps write a book report for a straight-A student who has six kids and two jobs, and is always exhausted in class. At her graduation, the man she wrote the report for says he owes it all to Nell, and he cheated, and the two lose their diplomas. As this is going on, Addy has Channel 3 Action News do an interview with Nell, and she admits she cheated and didn't graduate. However, Nell is given her diploma, since she successfully passed all of her classes, and the man gets his as well, when he passes an oral exam, and he also gets a surprise from his wife that she is pregnant again.moreless
  • The Center
    The Center
    Episode 21
    Nell decides to take Grandpa to the senior citizen Center to have some time to spend with people his own age. While there, the seniors find out that they have to share their space with the youth center since it had just burned down. The director has an arguement with her new love interest, and it is up to one of the teens to help her and her new crush get back together to make his own crush see that he is a man who is full of love. At the dance that the two groups put together, the director and her crush reunite after being locked and handcuffed in a closet.moreless
  • Katie's College
    Katie's College
    Episode 20
    Rather than go to college, Katie wants to open her own business with a friend, which the Chief agrees to. However, Nell doesn't like the idea, because she promised Margaret that she would see all three of the girls go off to College. In the end, Nell tells Katie it is her decision only, and Katie decides to open up her own boutique with her friend, and decides she doesn't need college after all.moreless
  • Rodeo
    Episode 19
    After the Chief & Nell couldn't take Joey to the rodeo in town, An already sick Grandpa decides to take him. But that day, it was raining & Grandpa came down with bad pneumonia. At the hospital, the whole family wants to see him, but the nurse instructs Nell that Joey is underaged. Nell then sneaks Joey in the hospital room. Joey gets out a tape recorder & sings "Swanee". Just when Nell and Joey have given up hope, Nell tells Grandpa that he's lost his will to live and if he dies she will have to tell everybody in Poland that he "threw in the sausage"! Grandpa wakes up and tells Nell that she will never be able to do that and that Joey misspelled Dixie. The two are overjoyed that Grandpa hasn't given up when they see he is up to his old tricks when a nurse comes into the room and he teases her.moreless
  • The Big Apple (2)
    The Big Apple (2)
    Episode 18
    Nell calls the Chief for help and he says he will tell a policeman friend of his about it and he will come up to New York as well, but his flights are delayed three times. Nell then learns that the man they took the suitcase from is a few doors down from them, and gets scared and escapes to get rid of it with Addy. The man is actually a policeman, and thought Nell and Addy took the suitcase for the drugs. However, the policeman who the Chief is friends with arrives and says that they are innocent and friends with a police Chief in California. The two policemen know they must protect them. Out in the street, Nell and Addy leave the suitcase and run to a taxi, but into Tony Randall instead, who lets him take his. Thinking they got rid of the suitcase, they go back to the hotel, learning that Tony saw their suitcase on the street and rushed it back to them. In the end, the policeman runs into their room as Nell decides to fire the gun so the police can hear it outside in the streets and run in to save them. However, they hear gunshots outside as she is about to do this, and the policeman runs in and explains everything, saying he is a cop, and that he used them as part of a drug bust, and that the shots they heard were the police getting the real criminals. As Nell and Addy leave for Glenlawn, the Chief arrives in New York, thinking they are still there. At home, they think Glenlawn is a safe, but a guy holds them up and takes their purses.moreless
  • The Big Apple (1)
    The Big Apple (1)
    Episode 17
    Nell & Addy appear & compete on Wheel of Fortune during Best Friends week. Nell has $7,600 & wants to win a car. But after commercial, she accidentally says "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME A CAR!". However, in the end, Addy gets $2,700 & solves it correctly "GIVE ME LIBERTY OR GIVE ME DEATH!" She buys a trip for 2 to New York. However, they are scared after the Chief says New York is not a safe place, and Nell thinks someone stole her suitcase as they take another man's who she thinks took hers. When they get to the hotel, they find out that it wasn't her suitcase at all, and that it was actually the man's. They find drugs and a gun in it and are worried sick that the guy will come back and kill them for taking it.moreless
  • Valentine
    Episode 16

    Nell gives advice on Valentine's day to the entire family as she waits for James to come home from his visit to San Fransico. However, in the end the advice goes awry, since everyone's dates turned on them. Each date goes back to the house to apologize for ruining the evening, and Nell storms off to pick James up from the airport. When she gets home, the family tells her that after she left everyone made up with their Valentines and she promises not to be matchmaker again until Joey tells her he is having a problem with his girlfriend.

  • Knock Three Times
    Knock Three Times
    Episode 15
    Nell gets hypnotized to remember where she put Katie's ring for graduation, but she ends up remembering a whole lot of the girls' dirty laundry, since the doctor forgot to remove the hypnotic transe, and whenever she heard three knocks, she'd tell the absolute truth. In the end, she tells everyone that she is going to marry James, but tells him the truth that she can't marry him yet, that is until the kids are all grown up.moreless
  • Flashback
    Episode 14
    When the Chief tells Samantha that she cannot go out on a date with a boy, Nell decides to tell the girls the story of how she met their mother and how she became a second mother to them. Nell goes to perform in California in 1974, and Margaret remembered Nell from when she saw her sing before and caught her performance. Nell then quits her job when her boss gets kinky with her, and Margaret takes her home to stay with her. She meets the family and she sleeps in Carl's room. When Carl comes home he is shocked to find another woman in his bed, and then grows sick of Nell, since she doesn't have a job. After a few days, a job offer in Bakersfield is thrown upon Nell, and when she gets the aceptance, Margaret tells her she is dying and wants her to raise the girls. She madly regrets it, but deep inside Margaret knows she loves the girls. Nell then refuses the job in Bakersfield and decides she will promise to be there for the girls from then on.moreless
  • Samantha's Protest
    Samantha's Protest
    Episode 13
    Samantha protests against demolition of an historic Spanish site after Nell tells her she did the same thing in Alabama when whites would not serve blacks. When the Chief and Officer Simpson arrive at the scene, the mob doesn't move, and they are all arrested, including the entire Kanisky family, who decides to step in and help Samantha protest. In the end, the site is saved from demolition, everyone is still mad at the Chief for arresting them, and they finally realize that he was only doing his job.moreless
  • James Returns
    James Returns
    Episode 12
    James wants to start over again with Nell after she meets him at a fancy restaurant during a girls night out with Addy and Angie. She is upset though that her ex- husband, Tony, has ran off and married an 18 year-old girl, and tells James she needs more time to think about getting back together with him. In the end, she decides to get back together with him.moreless
  • Herbie
    Episode 11
    Herbie, Samantha's unseen new friend, puts ideas of judgment day into Samantha's head. An earthquake causes Samantha to freak out, and she says she is going to live everyday as if it her last. However, during a storm, their neighbor Wendy rushes over and gives birth, giving Samantha a new meaning to life.moreless
  • A Kanisky Christmas
    A Kanisky Christmas
    Episode 10

    Joey's first Christmas might be a disaster if Nell doesn't get the whole family together. Samantha is going to babysit for a couple, Julie is going out with a boy, and Katie is going skiing in the mountains. As Christmas night continues, the family surprises Nell, and tells her it was all a scam to have time to bring her Christmas present home for her, which was bringing Nell's mother to the Kanisky house.

  • Grandpa's Rebellion
    Nell, the girls and the Chief fix up the spare room at the house and await Grandpa's arrival home from his trip to Poland. When he returns home, he is in happy spirits about the trip, yet sad because he knows how much Mildred would have loved to go, but passed away not too long ago. When Grandpa finds out that he is to live with the family he won't stand for it one bit, yet when Joey comes into the room and watches him pack, they talk about things they share interest in, and Grandpa decides to stay and live with the family and room with Joey. In the end, the Chief says he loves his father and the two hug.moreless
  • Nell's Friend
    Nell's Friend
    Episode 8
    While Nell is out getting the Chief's clothes cleaned, Addy Wilson, Nell's childhood friend arrives at the house. She meets the girls, and says Nell's real name is "Nellie Ruth". When Nell comes home, she is intrigued by Addy, and begins to think Addy considers her as a women who is illiterate and one who had a chance at a singing career but failed and is now a housekeeper. Nell then goes to night school to get her diploma, but Addy is the teacher there and Nell decides to drop out. In the end, Nell flips out when Addy comes over and then the two reconcile, after a misunderstanding where Nell thought Addy said she was illegitimate is cleared up. Addy is happy for Nell that she is who she is, and Nell decides to go back to night school to get her diploma.moreless
  • Melissa
    Episode 7
    The Chief is awarded man of the year, and Nell tries to fix him up with a woman named Melissa. What he doesn't know is that she used to be a man, who was once Officer Simpsons karate instructor in St. Louis. When she knows it has gone too far, Melissa confesses to Nell, who has to tell the Chief she set him up with a man, which upsets him, since they had so much in common.moreless
  • The Mayor
    The Mayor
    Episode 6
    The Chief invites the Mayor of Glenlawn over to dinner, to try and talk him into giving him a new patrol car. The Mayor falls for Nell, who wants nothing to do with him. He tells her that the Chief will get his new patrol car if he gets her. At his condo, she gives the Mayor a taste of his own medicine by seducing him. He realizes he treated her wrong, and he apologizes. He asks her for a date, but she declines, and tells him he will see her at the ceremony when he donates the new patrol car to the Chief.moreless
  • Joey (2)
    Joey (2)
    Episode 5
    Joey goes on a hunger strike and says he is not going to an orphanage. Nell then lies to Joey and tells him that she made a friend of a man whose window she broke years ago when she was a child. Joey believes her, and knows Nell is not a liar, like many adults he knows are. Nell then tells the Chief he owes her, and she deserves to take Joey in as her foster child. The Chief objects, but Joey tells him he is right, and even he himself wouldn't want him as a foster child. The Chief's feelings change, and Joey is accepted into the family as their foster child.moreless
  • Joey (1)
    Joey (1)
    Episode 4
    Katie practices her jazz routine to "Maniac" for a show that will be taking place soon in Glenlawn. As the family is getting ready, rehearsing for the show, a boy named Joey comes by collecting for Jerry's kids. The family falls for his act, and as he leaves, Simpson says he is a con artist. Joey Donovan is his name, and his Uncle Jerry dropped him off and left him in Glenlawn, because his dad Tim is at sea. The social worker tells the Chief that Joey will stay with the family over the weekend and will be placed in a foster home shortly. Nell then loses control of Joey, and he escapes, taking her money, and goes to the bus station. However, Nell finds him, drags him home, and doesn't know what she is going to do with him.moreless
  • Katie's Commitment
    Katie's Commitment
    Episode 3
    Katie becomes involved with Michael, a college professor at Glenlawn Junior College who is much older than her. Nell begins to get upset at the man, when Katie introduces him to the family, and she gets mad at Katie as well, knowing that he is too old for her. When the Chief finds out that Katie is seeing him, he objects to it, and grounds Samantha for sticking up for Katie, but Nell tells him to accept her for her choice and she will remember that the Chief taught her right in life. In the end, Katie decides to go to away on a trip with the professor at a lecuture he is giving, but she will stay with a relative instead, she tells the Chief that Michael proposed to her, but she is not sure if she will accept as she is not ready for commitment.moreless
  • The Way to a Man's Heart
    Nell falls for James Roland, a former member of her weight group, who continues to go to the classes on weight loss. He is impressed by Nell's determination to lose weight, yet Nell seems to think he is in love with the aerobics instructor Vanessa. When Nell decides to binge and pig out on food, Vanessa calls James for assistance. When he shows up at the house she tells James that Nell is in love with him. He asks Nell out and she accepts. However, in the end the Chief wants a break on his taxes and since James is in that business, he helps the Chief out. All goes well until Nell sees his tax return form that accidentally fell out of his briefcase and finds out that James is married with three children yet still loves Nell. Nell throws him out and shuts the door, telling him she is still going to go to the weight group each week.moreless
  • The Groupie
    The Groupie
    Episode 1
    Julie wants to meet Andy Gibb and goes to see him after Nell lets her go, despite the fact that the Chief grounded her, only to be found asleep outside his hotel room. When Nell brings Julie home, the Chief sees that she has been out, knows that she disobeyed her, and plans to arrest Andy Gibb and his group. However, Julie tells him that she fell asleep waiting for him, and the Chief forgives her.moreless
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