Gimme a Break! - Season 4

NBC (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • Julie's Birthday
    Julie's Birthday
    Episode 25
    On Julie's 18th birthday, Nell has a plan to get her and Jonathan back together after they broke up. She keeps ordering pizza, and when Jonathan keeps showing up, Julie hides in the closet, only to have Nell tell him to deliver the pizza there. The Chief however is happy that Julie and Jonathan broke up, because he thinks he is a ditz. In the end, Nell tells Jonathan to go for it and tell her how much he loves her. The two run out of the house, and in the morning, Nell asks Katie where Julie is. Katie tells her she never came home. Nell thinks Jonathan has kidnapped her, goes into the kitchen, and Julie and Jonathan walk through the door and say they were in Las Vegas. Nell is angry and thinks that they gambled, but Julie shows her a ring and says they got married. While they are in the kitchen, Nell hears the Chief say "Is that Julie in there Nell?", as she screams no! Because she knows the two have some explaining to do to him.moreless
  • Friendship
    Episode 24
    Nell is angry that Addy has not called her in over a week, and is doing things with other members of the family and not her. When Julie tells her that Addy told her she is having lunch with Yvonne Anderson, Nell calls Angie, and the two decide to go to lunch at the same place. At the restaurant, Nell tells Yvonne and Addy that Angie is her best friend, and in the end, Addy tells Nell that she was busy with the Junior Symphony Orchestra, and didn't have much time to call her, and they forgive one another.moreless
  • Monkey See, Monkey Do
    The Chief gets angry at Katie after her friend who got a part in a play offers her apartment to her. The Chief also gets mad at Samantha for wearing a tactless outfit. The Chief confesses that Julie was always his favorite daughter because she thinks like him. This causes Nell, and the girls to move to Katie's new apartment. When the Chief tells Grandpa that now this will give them time to get to know one another better, he gives him a face, and he and Joey go to Katie's as well. After the apartment is over crowded, everyone comes home and makes amends.moreless
  • Police Mamas
    Police Mamas
    Episode 22
    When the whole staff at the police station gets food poisoning, it's up to Addy and Nell to help them out. Simpson makes the two official police deputies, and there is a call that there are burglars at the Kanisky house. Nell and Addy, like scaredy cats, go to the house and check it out in the dark with flashlights, to find Grandpa and Joey home at the same time. In the end, two robbers leave Nell's room with a television.moreless
  • Cat Story
    Cat Story
    Episode 21
    Officer Simpson's cat Sherlock is missing, and he goes out in the storm to find it. When the Chief returns home, he shows the family Simpson's clothes, and tells them that an eyewitness reported he saw a cat on a tree branch over the river, and an officer trying to rescue it. The family begins to believe that Simpson was the man who tried to save the cat, since he would do anything for his cat. Nell receives an envelope from Simpson which contains $5,000, and she is happy she can go on her vacation with Addy to Hawaii after all. However, in the end, Joey rushes into the house, telling the family that he found Simpson and Sherlock.moreless
  • The Lookalike
    The Lookalike
    Episode 20
    Nell books Sammy Davis Jr. to appear to the town of Glenlawn, and sing for them. However, when she calls Sammy to ask him if he is arriving on time, he tells her that she had scheduled him for the following month instead. When Nell goes to the gas station to get her car washed, Albert, the man at the gas station is a dead-ringer for Sammy Davis, and she tells him if he appears on stage as Sammy to fool the town, she will give him what he has always wanted, Angie. However, in the end, Sammy does show up, and he and Nell sing a number to the town of Glenlawn.moreless
  • The Earthquake
    The Earthquake
    Episode 19
    Nell is having a very bad day, due to the fact that mechanic Sal Bonaducci charged her more money for her car being fixed, and the library charging Joey $1600 for a late book. When Nell goes to the library to straighten it out, there are several earthquakes. Nell is trapped in the basement office in the library with a woman who is deaf. She finds out that she and the woman have something in common, since they both wear crosses and worship God. In the end, the Chief shows up and says he will be cutting through the ceiling and rescueing them.moreless
  • Alabamy Bound (2)
    Alabamy Bound (2)
    Episode 18
    After hearing the news that her sister Loretta insists that Mama Maybelle move to California to live with Nell in Glenlawn after the wedding, Nell is not keen to the idea. Even when Mama Maybelle finds out that Loretta is planning on sending her to live with Nell in Glenlawn since she and her soon to be husband Howard will be living in Colorado in privacy, she is not keen either. However the Chief tells Nell that Mama can move in because she talked Grandpa into moving in. Nell can't believe his response. In the end, Mama says she loves Nell, and was always looking out for her, but now all she needs to do is get a small 1 bedroom apartment and she will be all set and won't have to get in the way of her daughters lives.moreless
  • Alabamy Bound (1)
    Alabamy Bound (1)
    Episode 17
    Nell, Addy and Joey go off to Alabama for Nell's sister's wedding. Nell is upset because her mother has not changed, and she is still ridiculing her. Nell is happy that soon after the wedding, she will be going back to Glenlawn, and will be away from her mother for good. However, Nell learns that after the wedding Mama Maybelle moving in with her in Glenlawn.moreless
  • The Gift
    The Gift
    Episode 16
    Nell disapproves of Katie accepting a diamond necklace from her new boyfriend and tells her to give it back to him. However, when she is awarded the title of "Glenlawn's Woman of the Year", she is given a mink coat, and decides to wear it, as well as the necklace that Katie is to give back, to her gala ceremony, so that everyone will admire her, instead of her best friend Addy. However, when they reach the restaraunt, a robber approaches Nell, and steals the coat and the necklace. Nell then goes hystericol to try and tell Katie that she took her necklace without asking her permission first.moreless
  • The Answering Machine
    Nell is mad that her current flame is going on a business trip with another woman, so she leaves a nasty message on his answering machine. She then finds out the other woman is married, and regrets leaving the message, and forces Samantha and Joey to help her go to his apartment and erase the message.moreless
  • Grandpa's Will
    Grandpa's Will
    Episode 14
    When the family tells Grandpa to go see a lawyer to make up his will, he refuses in doing so. In the end, Nell finds out he doesn't want to make out a will because he has nothing left to give his family.
  • The Spirit of Christmas
    Nell and Addy decide to spend Christmas in her apartment a few days earlier, since she is going to Alabama for Christmas, and wont be home to celebrate it then. As the night progresses, A neighbor of Addy's, comes knocking on the door for cooking oil to make french fries, but when Addy and Nell find out he's not married, the two invite him to Christmas dinner, compete with each other to win his affection, and in the end, he decides to ask his wife to take him back.moreless
  • TV or Not TV
    TV or Not TV
    Episode 12
    After being lifted by a class at night school on how TV tears families apart from one another, Nell decides to make the family stop watching TV for a night. However, once they make the promise, Simpson comes by and tells the Chief that the football game is on, since it's a special wednesday night game, and Addy comes by to tell Nell that they will watch Dynasty, and to find out who Alexi's lover is. However, the Chief and Nell reject their offers and the family sits down just to chat about what is going on in their lives. In the mean time, Grandpa pretends to have a hearing-aid on as he and Carl listen to the football game on the radio, and Nell pretends to heat up a pie in the microwave as she sneaks the portable television set inside it and sneaks a peak at it as she goes in the kitchen to check on the pie. In the end, Nell finds out what the Chief and Grandpa did, as everyone finds out what she has done, and everyone goes back to watching tv.moreless
  • Baby of the Family
    Baby of the Family
    Episode 11
    Samantha gets upset at Nell, who disapproves of her going on a camping trip with teenage boys which will not be chapperoned. She gets increasingly angry at her when she favors Joey rather than her, and dresses Joey in blackface when he is to perform "Toot-Toot-Tootsie" in front of Nell's Congregation, as a way to get back at him.moreless
  • Julie's Lie
    Julie's Lie
    Episode 10
    Addy talks Nell into going to a ski lodge to meet a couple of doctor friends. While up there, Nell's date is called to help an injured skier, who turns out to be Jonathan, Julie's boyfriend. Nell then finds Julie hiding in the bathroom. Julie and Nell argue over what has happened, and Nell finally realizes that Julie needs to be Julie and needs to accept her for who she is. Julie and Jonathan share an intimate moment together, as he tells her she's gonna be his first woman ever.moreless
  • Carl's Delicate Moment
    An officer accuses the Chief of sexual harrassment, takes the case to Addy's Congress of Determined Women, and plans on filing a lawsuit. The Chief worries for nothing when the female officer tells him she had a dream of him seducing her, and wakes up laughing histerically, because she knows he's not the type of man who would do a thing like that and drops the case. The Chief finally gives her the assignment she had long waited for.moreless
  • Daddy's Little Girl
    While at Skipper Dwayne's for dinner, Addy finds out her car is being towed away as Nell is approached by a sleezeball who wants to go out with her. A man at a neaby table tells him to leave her alone and she is swept away by him. When he drops by the house while Addy is there, she is shocked to see that he is her long-lost father who left her mother when she was younger. Addy doesn't want Nell to date him after what he did to her mother and her when she was 8 years old. In the end, Nell takes Addy to dinner and her father is there as Nell sings "People" as Addy decides to give her father another chance.moreless
  • Breakdance
    Episode 7
    When Katie needs money for her business, Joey helps her out by breakdancing at the beach. Nell finds out Joey's grades are slipping in school, and when Addy finds sand in his shoes, she realizes he is going to the beach after school. When Nell gets there, Joey tells her Katie's business is in trouble, and she decides to help her by pawning the couch and tv set, which makes the Chief devastated to lose. Nell then says she will go back to the pawn shop and get them back.moreless
  • Who Dunnit?
    Who Dunnit?
    Episode 6
    Nell and Ray Parker, Jr. have a difference of opinion over giving CPR to a fallen man. When the man dies, Nell and Ray decide to give a show for his wife. What they didn't know was that he was a gangster.
  • Sam's First Love
    Sam's First Love
    Episode 5

    Sam is in love with a boy who just happens to be a big heel. He borrows money from the whole family, and when Nell tells him to leave the house, he and Sam decide to run off. Nell is shocked to find out that Sam's love Jeffrey had left her on the beach and had taken all of her money. Sam swears she'll never love anyone else, but Nell tells her it will only be her first love and there will be many more.

  • Grandpa's Secret Life
    An old Polish man finds Grandpa and tries to force him to marry his daughter. He finds out that Grandpa was the man that came over on the steamship "Krakow" in 1924, and that he and his daughter did the hanky panky together. When Nell meets the man's daughter, she tells her that she doesn't care about Stanley, and that she is afraid of her father. When Nell brings her to the house, she finally faces up to her father, tells him she doesn't want to marry Stanley, and says she is in love with an Italian man.moreless
  • Nell's Birthday
    Nell's Birthday
    Episode 3
    Nell gets the birthday blues at turning 33. Addy is mocking her as the two are going on a cruise for singles 18-32 years old and Nell has to lie about her age. When the two return home from dinner, the family surprises Nell with a cake and tell her that her birth certificate says she was a year younger than expected. Nell is overjoyed, but Addy is mad, since Nell is now doing what Addy did to her by mocking her about her age. In the end, the kids tell Addy they lied just to make Nell happy, and Nell is accepting of the news, although still wishes she was younger.moreless
  • New Orleans (2) (a.k.a.) Joey Goes to New Orleans (2)
    Joey and his father reunite, and he takes Joey on a day at the World's fair. He then asks Nell if he can have Joey sleep on his boat, which she agrees to. In the morning, there is no sign of Joey, and Nell finds out the boat went back to Nome Alaska. She and the man that asked her to marry him quarrel, and she madly accepts his proposal, but then ditches him in the end. As she walks along the boardwalks in New Orleans, desperately thinking of Joey, he returns to her, and says he went to the hotel but she was gone and he looked all over for her, and the two reunite in a hug.moreless
  • New Orleans (1) (a.k.a.) Joey Goes to New Orleans (1)
    Nell and Joey go to New Orleans where Nell sees a man she hasn't seen in 15 years. The two take Joey to the World's Fair, and when they go to visit a jazz club, he proposes to her. She is baffled by his proposal and doesn't know what to say. As this is happening, a man is watching Joey in the jazz club. When Joey finally sees him looking at him, he goes to Nell and tells her he thinks that the man is his father. The man happily says "Joey" as Joey says "Dad", and the two embrace, as Nell stares in shock.moreless