Gimme a Break! - Season 5

NBC (ended 1987)




Episode Guide

  • The Purse Snatcher
    The Purse Snatcher
    Episode 24
    When Nell dines at a Greek restaurant with Addy, she is left alone when Addy has to leave for something important, so one of the waiters pairs her with another guy in the restaurant to eat with because they look like they'd look good together. Nell begins to fall for the guy she is paired with, then he leaves and her purse is missing. She suspects it was the guy she was paired to sit with, but the owners son doesn't believe it was him, and he and his fellow co-worker try to find out what happened, resulting in his fellow co-worker getting fired by the owner, Mr. Pappalardo. In the end, it turns out Nell's purse was wrapped in a newspaper and not stolen at all, and the owners son and his friend who was fired go to the Kanisky house where Mr. Pappalardo is waiting for them and his son tries to convince his father to hire the guy back with a comedic skit on how he sent the guy to his grave by firing him, which he is successful in doing so.moreless
  • Found Money
    Found Money
    Episode 23
    When Nell's grandmother passes away and leaves her a nice amount of money, she splits it with the family, and tells them to spend it on something fun since it was found money. Shortly afterwards, Nell gets a letter from the bank saying the check bounced. In the end, everyone had bought Nell gifts with the money she gave them, since she is always giving them things and money every time they need it.moreless
  • Katie's Korner
    Katie's Korner
    Episode 22

    Katie, who has been sad since her latest boyfriend left her and is now engaged, is going broke and is deciding to close Katie's Korner. Nell knows that Katie is going to commit suicide because she is very depressed lately and gave Joey a gift for his birthday, which isn't for several months, and is giving Julie and Jonathan her car. When Nell and Addy arrive at the closing of Katie's Korner, they see the lights off and know she is inside. They throw a tree through the window as Katie comes out. Nell tells Addy that she was worried about Katie because her ex-husband Tony left her years ago and she didn't leave him. Afterwards she tried to commit suicide but couldn't go through with it. Katie tells Nell she was offered a job as a buyer at Chadwick's in San Fransisco which offers her $32,000 a year, as well as a company car.

  • Getting to Know You
    Getting to Know You
    Episode 21
    Nell has a date with a foot doctor who doesn't like children and doesn't know how to tell Joey when she invites him to dinner. She tells everyone to leave for the night so she can be alone with him and introduce him to Joey. Shortly after everyone leaves, Officer Simpson leaves his cousins adopted children with Nell to babysit for her because her husband re-located to LA for his job and they need to look for a place to stay. Nell agrees, but is in for a surprise when there are over a dozen of them from different countries, too, and also leaves their dog with Nell. She sends them all upstairs and to be quiet and sleep when her date arrives. Simpson calls Nell and tells her he will be a little late because there is someone threatening to jump off a building and commit suicide. Then Nell introduces Joey to her date, who is not pleased much by him and keeps his distance. When the kids come downstairs, Nell's date doesn't like it at all and gets up and leaves, but tells Joey it was nice meeting him and tells Nell that maybe sometime in the future he will see her again. Nell is upset at how everything turned out, but is pleased and cries when she hears all the children singing "What The World Needs Now Is Love" in front of the family piano, and when Simpson calls back to tell Nell he got the suicidal guy down safely and will be over soon to pick up the kids, she tells him to take all the time he needs.moreless
  • Family Reunion
    Family Reunion
    Episode 20
    When Nell's sister Loretta leaves her husband Howard, she comes to stay with Nell. She asks for Nell's advice, but Nell doesn't know what she can do to help. Mama Maybelle shows up and calls Nell a homewrecker, and Joey is mad at Nell when she grounds him from baseball because he's getting bad grades. In the end, Mama tells Loretta to go back to Howard, and she'll stay another week with Nell to give them time alone together.moreless
  • Pride and Prejudice
    Pride and Prejudice
    Episode 19
    Nell thinks she's rejected for a job as a receptionist because she is black. When Addy decides to apply for the same job, she is rejected too. Addy has a friend from the Fair-Employment Office, and they bring him to the Mr Randall's office, but then find out that the man who rejected them is for black rights, and decided to hire a black man instead, because he cannot work with women because they drive him crazy.moreless
  • A Lesson for Nell
    A Lesson for Nell
    Episode 18
    Nell finds out that Grandpa is dating Sally Parsons, who is Nell's age, who was previously dating Officer Simpson. When Simpson finds out he is jealous, but Nell takes it much more personal, and tells Sally never to see Grandpa again. In the end, Nell learns that she shouldn't have been snooping into Grandpa's life at all.moreless
  • The Gun
    The Gun
    Episode 17
    While looking for an old photo album, Joey finds the Chief's gun, and accidentally shoots Nell in the foot. The whole family, including Mama Maybell, help out Nell. However, Joey runs off every time he comes face to face with Nell. In the end, Joey wants to buy Samantha an ice cream cone after he accidentally hit her finger with a baseball, and Nell decides to take him to get it. When Nell starts the car, the engine backfires, reminding him of the gun, and he finally tells Nell that he's sorry.moreless
  • Bienvenido, Jonathan

    Jonathan returns home from his archaeological dig, and pretty much ignores Julie, who believes that Jonathan doesn't love her anymore. Jonathan tells Nell that he knows that archaeology is not the career for him and that he rushed into things by marrying Julie and getting her pregnant. He tells her he was not at work when they called to talk to him, and instead he was in Bakersfield, looking at a chalk factory that he hopes that he and Julie will soon run in the near future. Nell tells him that Julie needs him, and he should tell his problems to her instead. He finally tells Julie his problems, and tells her that they will be great parents soon when their baby is born.

  • Second Chance (2)
    Second Chance (2)
    Episode 15
    The ex-con is sad that Gary hated the song, and decides that singing is not the career for him. Nell then appears on Gary Collins' Hour Maganzine Show, and decides to go back to college afterall.
  • Second Chance (1)
    Second Chance (1)
    Episode 14
    Nell decides to quit college and pursue a real singing career. She becomes the manager for an ex-con who wrote a song in jail and decides to put it to music. When Nell and the ex-con go to Skipper Dwayne's for amateur night to perform the song, Gary Collins is there, and Nell asks him if he liked the song. Gary says he hated it. When Nell goes backstage to tell the ex-con how he did, she freaks when he has a string of floss out and thinks he is going to kill her. She tells him that she thought he was gonna killer her because she hated his song, when he was just actually flossing his teeth.moreless
  • Snippets
    Episode 13
    Nell and the gang decorate the Christmas tree as Joey pretends that he is sick, but wants to help out as well. During the Christmas gathering, the family recalls events from the past. In the end, Joey tells Nell that he was only pretending to be sick because he didn't have enough money to buy her a Christmas present, but she tells him it doesn't matter.moreless
  • Katie's Apartment
    Katie's Apartment
    Episode 12

    Nell finds out that Katie is dating a married author of a famous book. She tells Katie to stop seeing him, and she tells her she is old enough to do what she wants. Katie then tells Julie to come to her apartment and asks her for advice on what to do. In the end, Katie decides to not see him anymore.

  • Nell's Gifted Child
    Nell's Gifted Child
    Episode 11
    Nel finds out that Joey is a gifted child, and should take a test to see what grade he should be placed into. When Joey tells her that the 4th grade is fine, and that he just wants to play baseball, she insists that he take the test, and gives him several instruments to play to see which one suits him best, the piano being the top. In the end, Joey runs off to the park, and Nell knows he is there when she finds out he wasn't at the school to take the test. She decides to let Joey stay in the 4th grade because a nine year old is supposed to have fun, and not work their tail off.moreless
  • Nell's New Car
    Nell's New Car
    Episode 10
    Nell finds out Addy is selling her car, and wants to be the first one to take it off her hands. However, Angies sister has already purchased it, and Nell talks her out of it. When Nell takes it for a test drive, it breaks down, and she tells Addy that she wants her money back. Addy refuses, but in the end gives in, after she finds out that she is getting money back as well for it.moreless
  • The Elevator
    The Elevator
    Episode 9
    Nell is upset when she finds out that Addy is engaged after only dating the guy a month. When she decides to accept Addy's engagement as a sign of happiness for her, she helps her select her wedding ring. However, when they begin to quarrel again over the engagement, they both go into separate elevators, and they break down. Nell gets on her phone and Addy gets on hers and they talk to each other about past times in Alabama to get them through this horrific moment. When Nell tells Addy she should call her fiance, his new girlfriend answers, and Addy decides to break up with him. Finally, the fire department arrives and gets them to safety.moreless
  • Sam's Little Girl
    Sam's Little Girl
    Episode 8
    Sam is taking the role of a big sister to a girl named Pam, a kid from a single-parent home. When Pam arrives at the house, Sam has other ideas of her own, when the new neighbor Chip shows up and asks her to light his pilot light on the stove. Nell is then stuck taking care of Pam, and she is a nuisance to her. Nell then finds out from Sam that Pam's mother left her father for a computer repair man, and Nell finds a way to make Pam like her in the end.moreless
  • Mama
    Episode 7
    Mama Maybelle arrives in Glenlawn to visit Nell, and tells her that she has to have an eye operation, and fears that she may never be able to see again. She tells Nell that she is going to miss seeing, but her sense of hearing may improve, which will help her hear Nell's singing better. Nell is happy that her mother admits she is a good singer. In the end, she is fine, and the family is there to greet her after the operation.moreless
  • So Long, Jonathan
    So Long, Jonathan
    Episode 6
    Jonathan leaves on his archeological Mexican dig project. In the meantime, back at the Kanisky house, Julie finds out that she is pregnant with his baby after she decides to go to enlist in the Navy and fails the test.
  • Addy's Goodbye
    Addy's Goodbye
    Episode 5
    When Addy tells Nell she's sick, Nell brings over some chicken soup to her apartment, only to find Addy having a party with a bunch of university colleagues. Nell finds out Addy was given a teaching job as a Dean at Columbia University by a professor she despises. Nell and Addy get into a fight at her good-bye party, and Nell does not want to say good-bye to her. However, in the end, she decides it's the best thing to do. She goes to Addy's apartment to say her good-byes, but when she gets there she finds Addy unpacking, only to hear that the professor took another job with an oil company, and turned down the job at Columbia.moreless
  • The Man From Zoron
    The Man From Zoron
    Episode 4
    Joey is saved from being hit by a bus by a man who claims he's from the planet Zoron, and that on Zoron, they don't have last names, and is known as "Cute Dave". Nell then spends the rest of the time he's there, trying to trick him into admitting he's not really from outer space.moreless
  • Ship of Fools (2)
    Ship of Fools (2)
    Episode 3
    Nell continues to confront Tony about wanting to be with him again, following the advice Addy gave her earlier on telling him her true feelings, and sings "Blue Angel" to him. But then Tammy shows up and Tony tells Nell he is married to her and they are on their honeymoon on the ship. Nell loses her voice because she is shocked Tony is married to another 18 year old girl now, and she can't sing for the gig unless she gets it back. She rests in her cabin room and then chases Addy throughout it and is upset at her. Joey then finds out Tammy is married, and she was the first girl he ever loved. Nell finally gets her voice back. A doctor comes by to check on Nell's voice and tells her she can sing in an hour's time unless she continues to talk, or else any amount of stress can close her voice up again. The doctor tells Nell to go on the deck and take in air and relax so she will be able to sing. On the deck, a guy is sick as Nell warms up her voice. As the guy is about to throw up, Nell gets in his way and he accidentally falls overboard. Nell gets shocked and loses her voice again, trying to get people to see there is a man overboard. Addy shows up and sees Nell trying to go over the railing and thinks she is going to commit suicide over Tony, but she is really trying to get to the guy who fell overboard to she plays charades with Addy to get her to see there is a man overboard. Addy finds out on her own the man is overboard when she notices him herself and tells Nell to forget the game of charades. In the end, Addy is mad at Tony that Nell can't sing because of him, and Tony tells her Tammy dumped him for the social director. Nell finally gets her voice back and sings "Ain't Misbehavin'" on the ship in front of an audience. Nell is happy she made $1,500 for her balloon payment on the Kanisky house by successfully singing on the ship. Tony shows up at the Kanisky house, and after Nell tells the family he lost his voice while she performed on the ship and is a sleazy guy, she takes all that back and agrees to go out with him again.moreless
  • Ship of Fools (1)
    Ship of Fools (1)
    Episode 2
    Nell decides to take her ex-husband's offer up on performing on his ship. She, Addy and Joey all go aboard the ship and meet with Tony, and Joey, who befriends a young adult named Tammy. Nell finds out Tony has left his second wife and has feelings for him again, but doesn't know Tammy and Tony are now married and she is his third wife. Nell confronts Tony to tell him how she really feels and how she wants to get back with him again.moreless
  • Joey's Train
    Joey's Train
    Episode 1

    Nell is sad and doesn't want anyone to remind her of the Chief since he passed away. Joey receives part of a toy train the Chief gave him, and puts it in the Chiefs room. Nell gets mad when Jonathan insists that he and Julie move into the Chiefs old room, but gets extremely mad when Joey plays with his train in it. Grandpa says that Carl would have been happy that the family is still together, bringing him up in their daily discussions. He says that they all loved him, and that it's not right to not talk about him, because he was loved by them. Nell then changes her mind and lets Joey keep the train in the Chiefs old room, and lets Julie and Jonathan move into it.