Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

TV Asahi (ended 1986)


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Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

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Ginga Nagareboshi Gin follows the life of an Akita puppy named Gin who was raised as a bear dog. Also, at the time of Gin's birth, a demon bear named Akakabuto has taken over the Futago pass, killing everything in its path. Gin joins a group of warrior dogs to try to reclaim Futago pass and rid the world of the evil Akakabuto.

This is said to be one of the most violent anime ever released, and was censored upon VHS and DVD release, so to be more suitable for children viewers, it was only in 2003 when the show had it's first uncut release on DVD in Japan, Sweden and Finland.
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  • Hmm. Pretty good so far...

    My summary line for this review pretty much sums it up. I watched episode 1,and I liked it. A little violent,with some language,but other than that,I liked it. I'll probably be watching more episodes in the future on Youtube. Oh,and I have one question about this series: Does anyone know how many episodes of this there are? Thanks. :) It's funny because I don't usually take interest in anime. This and Wolf's Rain are my favorite anime so far. Well,if anyone knows how many episodes of this there are,once again,thanks. I think I'll finish this review with these words.

  • So violently amazing!

    The story of an Akita Inu pup called Gin who leaves his owner,a boy named Daisuke, to join a pack of wild dogs. The pack is gathering strong dogs from all over Japan to fight an evil and destructive bear named Akakabuto and his minions. Bloody in a way, like every anime, but includes amazing fights and a nostalgic story for Gin and the rest of the dogs, while on their way many lifes are taken, but many others join the pack to defeat evil. This is one of my favorite mangas turned into an anime. Though it is not very famous, it is worth watching and has a lot of action and adventure.moreless
  • Simply wonderful!

    I can´t remember when was the first time I ever saw this show but it was years and years ago. My friend and I watched it over and over and over again. I had no idea how popular this show was in Finland until I started to talk about it in school (high school) and almost every one in my class knew what I was talking about. It´s very hard to find people of my age who haven´t seen the show. I finally saw the uncut version of the show two years ago and it filled a lot of planks for me. The edited version had some weird twists and turns in the end that you couldn´t really make sense of until you saw the uncut thing. So for many years I had no idea that I hadn´t seen everything there was to see. I don´t think I would like this show this much if I saw it now for first time. Because I have loved the show for so long I can easily look past things that would normally bother me. For example the fact that they use the same pictures in the same fight seen over and over again. It´s also a very good thing that I can now enjoy the original version of the show and not the very badly dubbed version which has made me laugh and cry quite a lot in the past.

    This show has some kind of magic for me that not many other shows have because Ginga goes so far back in my life. This is more than just a show and thats why I love it.moreless
  • Ginga Nagareboshi Gin also known as Silver Fang follows the life of the an Akita puppy named Gin, who was born and raised as a bear dog, he must gather an army and protect his homeland from the evil bear Akakabuto.moreless

    I first watched this when i was in Finland, my friend had the DVD boxed set, but in Finland it was called Ginga Hopeanuoli Gin, the language was in Japanese and the subtitles were in Finnish, but still i was glued to the screen, with it being an animated show, i could still kind of follow what was going on, and i could say 70% translate the subtitles myself, but i loved it.

    The story was very interesting and original i think, The show still has not been released on DVD with english subtitles but there are many websites available that are constantly updating them with english subs, and you view them for free online, which i loved as i got to watch the show again and understand what i could not before.

    In 2005 there was a sequel to this show called Ginga Densetsu Weed aka Silver Legend Weed, which follows the life of Gin's child Weed, this was released on DVD also and this has English subs, i would advise anyone to go and buy this as you will not be dissapointed! :Dmoreless