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Based on the manga series of the same name created by Hideaki Sorachi, this show is a Japanese animation that takes place in Edo, Japan (former name of present day Tokyo). The Amanto, aliens from outer space, have taken over the country. The Amanto have suppressed the samurai's resistance by imposing a sword ban. Sakata Gintoki is one of the few remaining samurai. Along with Shimura Shinpachi, and an alien girl named Kagura, Sakata and his friends act as freelancers, taking jobs to pay for their rent.

Opening themes: Pray - Tommy heavenly6 (1 - 24) 遠い匂い "Tooi Nioi"(Faraway Smell) - YO-KING (25 - 49) 銀色の空 "Gin Iro no Sora" (Silver Sky) - redballoon (50 - 75) かさなる影 "Kasanaru Kage" (Overlapping Shadow) - Hearts Grow (76 - 99) 曇天 "Donten" (Cloudy weather) - DOES (100 - 125) アナタMAGIC "Anata Magic" - Monobright (126 - current)
Ending themes: 風船ガム "Fuusen Gam"(Bubble Gum) - Captain Straydum (1 - 13) Mr. Raindrop - amplified (14 - 24) 雪のツバサ "Yuki no Tsubasa" (Wings of Snow) - redballoon (25 - 37) Candy Line - Hitomi Takahashi (38 - 49) 修羅 "Shuura" - DOES (50 - 62) 奇跡 "Kiseki" (Miracle) - Snorkel (63 - 75) SIGNAL - KELUN (76 - 87) Speed of Flow - The Rodeo Carburettor (88 - 99) "Sanagi" - POSSIBILITY (100 - 112) This world is yours - Plingmin (113 - 125) I 、愛、会い "Ai, Ai, Ai " - GHOSTNOTE (126 - current)

Japanese title (kanji): 銀魂

Japanese title (hiragana): ぎんたま

English direct translation: Silver Soulmoreless

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AIRED ON 4/16/2009

Season 7 : Episode 3

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  • Gintama is like glue, so many elements stick with each other, not only hilarious; but also heart-warming.

    As a whole, this is anime is hilarious! There is no moment there where they don't make you laugh! I love this anime because it relates to the Edo period in Japan. First off, Gintoki is an excellent character who doesn't bore you. His past is mysterious but Sorachi (the Director) add some hints about his past in some episodes. Gintoki attracts a lot of female characters, but he seems not to take notice of them except for Ketsuno Ana. (the weather reporter lady) Gintoki is the one who gave hope to Shinpachi and Kagura, the fellow members of the Yorozuya. Then there's Shinpachi, he's just dorky over-all, he is ga-ga over Otsuu; an idol in Gintama. Shinpachi plays as the straight man in Gintama, which means he points things out a lot that would seem out of place. He is very understanding out of all the characters and he is the glue that keeps the Yorozuya together. Okay, up next is Kagura! Kagura is such a sweetheart if you look into those bits of episodes of her. She had a difficult past with her brother and especially with her own bloodline. She doesn't want to hurt anyone innocent unlike her family, the Yato clan. She claims to fight to protect, like the way of a samurai, not to fight for pleasure. Gintama is a definitely MUST WATCH. There are times where you laugh, there are times you cry, there are times you are like, WTH / WTF ?! There are arcs in Gintama, that are just breath-taking or some that are just for laughs. So, after reading this, please consider watching Gintama! This is all I have to say, but this anime can also solve some of your life problems because there is some you can relate.moreless
  • Gintama is set in an alternate reality, where aliens took over the age of samurai and now they rule the world. The Story follows Sakata Gintoki and his friends as they try to do whatever they can in this messed up timeline!moreless

    Gintama is seriously one of the funniest shows I've ever seen. It's so easy to look over thin plot and the over-the-top characters becuase you'll be too busy laughing to notice!Whats not to love about it? First you got Sakata Gintoki.. who should be a someone who still seems to hold the "spirit of the samurai" but runs his buisness in which "He'll do anything for money" and has an extreme addiction to sweet food. then you have his sidekicks Shinpachi..the so called "straight guy" (seriously i got that right from an episode) and then theres Kagara, the super powerful alien in the form of a tiny girl, and their monster pet Sadaharu, a dog of enormous porportions that has a bad habit of biting peoples'll laugh your head off when you see the kind of insane adventures or trouble they get into to, and here and there you'll find a heart-warming story about how much their friendship has come to mean to all of them.. I greatly recommend Gintama.. seriously! why WOULDN'T you watch it?moreless
  • The show can be said to be on a league of its own, which should not be compared to other shounen series.

    I knew what I was getting into before I watched the first two episodes, but the show is simply above hilarious, which makes the 24 minutes fly by rather quickly. I was clueless after watching more episodes as to whether or not the story has a plot or not since every episode seems to be some sort of "monster of the week" episode. I decided to get to the source (the manga), and yes, the story does progress later on. The show can be said to be on a league of its own, which should not be compared to other shounen series. Well, the positive thing about how the show's set up is probably the fact you don't have to watch many of the episodes in order to know what's going on.moreless
  • If you like various animes like Death Note, Bleach, Naruto, etc, then this show is right for you!

    This show has a way of making things funny. The character's are serious for their stupidity and jokes when making their anime parodies. If you've seen the Scary Movie franchise, then you'll know what I'm talking about.

    This show has no long story arcs over three episodes. That isn't necessarily a bad thing though. If you ever miss an episode, no big deal. You can watch in almost any order you want.

    The great thing about this is that this is one of the rare comedy shows, that gets extremely good when it's really serious(no comedy).

    My score: Watch this if you like Naruto, Bleach, DBZ, Death Note, etc!!!moreless
  • A decent comedy,but the action isn't always great.Though Gintama is a must see for comedy fans.

    Gintama is a comedy combined with feudal Japan and Star Trek.The show focuses on the old Tokyo named Edo,which was invaded by Amantos,or aliens twenty years ago.The show starts with Shinpachi as a restraunt staff,but is always heavily scolded by his manager.He carries a tray carrying glasses of milk towards to aliens who are cats with human size,but one them trips Shinpachi dropping the tray,angry,the manager grabs Shinpachi by hair but his given a fist in the face by a samurai Gintoki Sakata who saves Shinpachi from extreme punishment.The Amantos then attempted to attack Gintoki,but has been knocked out by his sword.Gintoki than takes off with Shinpachi than starts the Yoruzuya.They later on meet Kagura,Katsura,Otose,the Shinsangumi,and other characters.Gintama is absolutely a pretty funny show that will keep you satisfied through each episode.The colors and designs of the characters are fabulous,but every episode has its own running gag.

    Gintama could actually mean"silver balls"in a japanese term.The show has a really good mixture of really great ending and opening songs.The ones I love is Fuusen Gamu,Pray,and something Sora.Some of the jokes aren't really that much to laugh at.The action is okay but it would be better uncensord.

    The show is gradually greeted with a Shinpachi Sensei extra after the end of the episode or other goofy extras that keeps are fun going.The show is obviously is pretty strange with a few eccentric characters.Elizabeth,Katsura's pet duck who is taller than him,but viewers heads are shrouded with mysteries wondering who is inside the duck's costume,but the show shows an old man's legs underneath the costume wearing the duck flippers.And Sadaharu,Kagura's giant pet dog that will bite anyone,and end up with blood running down the person's face.Episode 25 actually is one of my favorite,the plot about the one who eats the whole hot pot is absolutely hilarious.Gintama has it's great crack up,but sometimes the action could have been better.If you never seen japanese dubbed anime that hasn't been released and dubbed in America yet,or you want a few laughs,Gintama is just the show for you.Oh and there's electronics in this show too.moreless

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