Girl Meets Gown

WE - Women's Entertainment Premiered Jan 01, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • KodiKay McCrary, Ashley Szymanski, Tiffany Jobe
      Three brides are featured in every episode of 'Girl Meets Gown.' In this episode, KodiKay wants a simple yet sexy gown that shows off her "ladies." But her mom and grandmother want her to get something conservative. Stylist Marianne finally finds a gown that the threesome can agree on, and seals the deal with some major changes to the gown which thrill Kodikay... but create lots of heartburn for the alterations department! Bride-to-be Ashley had a horrible experience at another bridal salon, so just weeks before her wedding, she and her family rush into Stardust looking for a new gown. To keep the appointment on track, Ashley banishes her over-zealous mother from the salon until she's found "the" gown. Mom ends up being the least of their problems, as the biggest hurdle proves to be Ashley's quick turnaround time -- can the salon help Ashley find her dream gown in a day?? Tiffany is a young mother getting married for the second time. She wants a dress that reflects her more mature sense of style, and a dress which will also travel well for her destination wedding in Italy. But will her budget keep Tiffany finding a dress she can love?moreless
    • Jamie-Dale Sheppard, Candice Kuesel, Tauri Laws, Shelley Brackin
      Three brides are featured in every episode of 'Girl Meets Gown.' In this episode, Jamie-Dale bought a designer gown from Stardust Celebrations. But when her relationship ended, she discovered there were no refunds from the salon. So, Jamie-Dale asked her stylist Wendy to find the dress a good home by giving it away to a deserving bride. Just days earlier, Wendy had met a deaf bride named Candice who left Stardust empty-handed. Candice couldn't afford any of the gowns because she'd spent her life savings on hearing Implants, so she could hear the music at her own wedding. Will Wendy give Candice the chance to be a real-life Cinderella? Tauri is a spunky bride who ordered a dress in the sample size she tried on at Stardust. But the gown was uncomfortably tight when it came in, so Tauri vowed to lose weight by her next alterations appointment. Will she lose the weight in time? And Shelley's dreamed of being a bride since she was a little girl. She even had a bridal magazine subscription when she was 14 years old! Shelley's envisioned herself in every style of dress for years– and when she comes into Stardust, her stylist Marianne has her hands full trying to keep Shelley from trying on every gown in the store!moreless
    • Hannah Campbell, Laurie Dent, Liesl Quick
      Three brides are featured in every episode of 'Girl Meets Gown.' In this episode, Old-Hollywood glamour is all Hannah wants on her wedding day, and she's looking for a gown to take center stage. But when Hannah brings her mom and sister along to Stardust Celebrations, they have her try on 'princess' dresses that are miles away from Hannah's vision. So stylist Melissa goes on the hunt for a gown that makes Hannah feel like a star. Laurie came into Stardust Celebrations and found the perfect dress. But when she returned weeks later to order it, she had news for her stylist, Nancy, which could jeopardize her chances of getting her dream gown. Indecisive Liesl's been all over Dallas looking for her wedding dress. So when she walks into Stardust, Marianne vows to end Liesl's marathon search by really listening to her needs and finding her the perfect gown. But Marianne's expertise is put to the test when Liesl can't decide and wants to try on more and more gowns. It doesn't help matters that Liesl looks AMAZING in every gown she puts on... will Marianne ever get her to make a decision?moreless
    • Julie Wilson, Kelly Beeman, Rita Allegro
      Three brides are featured in every episode of ‘Girl Meets Gown.’ In this episode... After standing as a bridesmaid in twenty-nine weddings, statuesque redhead Julie finally gets her chance in the spotlight. The 38 year-old fashionista wants a one-of-a-kind gown, so she brings her mom and maid-of honor Hilary to Stardust to find the perfect “blank canvas” for all of Julie's custom ideas. But will Julie's elaborate design requests prove to be too much for the Stardust alterations department to handle? A few months ago, Bride Kelly's friends talked her into buying a designer gown which they liked more than she did. When Kelly realized her mistake, she was faced with a dress dilemma just eight weeks before her wedding: keep the dress she merely likes, or buy a second dress that she loves? And a dieting bride named Rita is trying to lose weight after packing on the pounds. When she has a meltdown trying on gowns, stylist Wendy must work some magic to get Rita OUT of her negative funk and IN love with a dress. When it’s time to alter her new gown, Alterations Manager Kayla and Rita struggle when Rita hasn’t met her weight loss goal... will she get there – and fit her dress – before Wedding Day??moreless
    • Mariannella Fuentes, Kim Schieffer, Misty Stewart
      Three brides are featured in every episode of ‘Girl Meets Gown.’ In this episode, Mariannella and her opinionated mom are very close, but have different ideas of what the perfect dress should look like. When they enter Stardust Celebrations, Mariannella already has a specific dress in mind, but that gown isn’t carried by Stardust. Salon stylist Wendy does everything she can to sell Mariannella a different gown, while secretly trying to track down her “dream dress”. In the end, will Mariannella have to settle for a look-alike? In a second story, bride Kim finds wedding dress shopping in Dallas less than thrilling, with her mom and sister back home in Nebraska. So, when Kim brings her friends in to Stardust to help her find the perfect gown, Salon Stylist Marianne does everything she can to keep the melancholy bride’s spirits up. And when that doesn’t work, the Stardust staff decides to give Kim the surprise of her life! Misty is a 20-something cowgirl engaged to a 40-something cowboy named Dean. One challenge that’s greater than their age difference is finding a wedding gown that’s beautiful yet functional enough to survive their open-pasture, ranch wedding … that’s just weeks away! Misty’s stylist Marianne decides to create the perfect Texas gown. But what happens when Alterations Manager Kayla finds out she has to execute Misty’s one-of-a-kind design…in just days!moreless
    • Lindsay and Lauren, Jessica Cortez and Charlotte Grissom
      Three brides' stories are featured in every episode of 'Girl Meets Gown.' In this episode, sisters Lindsay and Lauren are only a year apart, and share practically everything. So when they both got engaged to be married in the same year, they figured they'd pool their dress budgets and get "twice the dress". It sounded like a great idea, but their stylist, Marianne, knew that finding one wedding gown that two women could love equally wouldn't be so easy. So in the end, which sister will sway the vote - the older sister, Lindsay, or the baby, Lauren, who always gets her way? Twenty-two year-old Jessica is unlike any bride who's walked into Startust Celebrations before. Jessica's a free-spirited "Texas Gypsy" who's planning a ceremony in a clearing in the wood. Her stylist Melissa must find a designer perfectly suited for this earthy bride. And, as if the stakes weren't high enough, Melissa has less than a month to get this gown for Jessica! Bride number three is Charlotte, a busy, Dallas attorney, who has ten equally busy bridesmaids. No one in her wedding party lives nearby, so Charlotte is on her own to pick out the bridesmaids' dresses. Charlotte recruits her reluctant fiance to help choose the dress, and stylist Myra breaks out her best advise for choosing one style which will suit the variety of body types in Charlotte's party. But when the ten women finally get to Dallas to try on the dresses, it's just 48 hours before Charlotte's wedding! That means there's no time for alterations if the dresses don't fit...moreless
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