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This much anticipated, Emmy-nominated Disney sequel to the 90's ABC hit series Boy Meets World follows the lives of sunny Riley Mathews, daughter of Cory and Topanga, and her loyal best friend Maya Hart as they take on life at John Quincy Adams Middle School in NYC. The catch: Cory is the girls' history teacher, which often leads Riley and her friends into unexpected but life-teaching situations. Disney's unprecedented decision to add complexity and richness to its characters with each coming episode has made this series a true gem for modern audiences. Taking on such social issues as cyber-bullying, autism, and youth empowerment, we can't wait to find out what this unpredictable show has to offer next.


    Disney Channel Renews Girls Meets World for Season 3

    The new season will debut in the spring of 2016.


    Girl Meets World: Mr. Feeny Returns and Eric Arrives in the First Trailer for Season 2 (VIDEO)

    Original Boy Meets World fans are in for a treat when the series returns for Season 2.

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    • should i keep watching girl meets world

      the reason i watch girl meets world is because its different then other shows it doesn't have the same plot is explores topics no Disney show would ever think of exploring but now i'm starting to think its basic just like every other show because there is currently a triangle between Riley,Lucas and Maya if Lucas picks Riley it will have the same plot as an average Disney show because they can never let the star down Maya doesn't have a good life she has no father no money now she wont get the guy even if she dates another guy she will always see it as there is the guy that told me and my best friend that he loves as equally but chose my best friend or there is the girl that the guy i really like picked instead of me Riley has never faced something like this she never faced disappointment i think she should i want to see how she will handle it because the only thing that defines a person is how they deal with problems

      another thing is that people say Riley is the better friend just because she backed off of Lucas for 2 days when Maya backed off for 2 years Farkle made a big deal out of it (what Riley did for Maya) but he doesn't care to consider Mayas feelings

      nobody is sure how Maya feels but no one questions Rileys feelings

      this show is great i love it lets just see what happens in girl meets ski lodge will the writers disappoint us because i googled it 65.39%of fans wants lucaya

      the writers say they want to pick the most realistic choice for Lucas i think its too late for realistic

      here is a link to vote for lucaya or rucas 68105/photos/which-girl-meets-world-couple-do-you-ship-the-most-riley-and-lucas-or-maya-and-lucas-110312

      Thank you for voting!

      Maya and Lucas 65.39%

      Riley and Lucas 34.61%

      make sure to check this link out so that girl meets world can have 7 seasonsmoreless
    • Philly

      Actually they address things in an Episode in season 2 saying Shaun just came from Philly. So they didn't change the story line for the older cast members at all.

      That being said.

      I think the characters are very relate-able to real life. I enjoy this show and I watch it when I can
    • Feeling Nostalgic

      I am just starting the 3rd episode of season 2 and I just sent this text to my brother who like myself was a big fan of Boy meets world but hasn't really watched a lot of "girl" yet. Thought I should share somewhere:

      I don't know if I'm just feeling overly emotional but watching "girl meets world" there has been quite a few times where I feel like crying. Like I did when we watched boy meets world. And watching it now they make the girl so simple and innocent like Corey was at that age and I just think that it's so not how kids are nowadays and it makes me miss when there were more shows like this that are innocent and good and heartfelt and yes a little sappy :)moreless
    • It is okay

      Girl meets world is an okay show. I have not moved on since September when Dog with a Blog ended. It should have been Girl meets world and not Dog with a blog. Girl meets world is highly lacking on story line and is dragging, and every episode is complete and total drama that is boring and does not resolve anything. It's good, but not near good enough that Girl meets world should stay on and Dog with a blog shouldn't. Dog with a blog had great story lines in every episode. That is a great way to spend a Friday night, watching Dog with a Blog. Girl meets world sets more of the mind set of "Oh my gosh! When will this be over?????????" As I said, it is highly lacking story line. There is too much drama of "who loves who?" and "Riley loves They need to all be friends, and stop making this show so deep. I miss the old Disney. The one with DOG WITH A BLOG!!! It is much much much much better than Girl meets world will ever be. This goes straight out to Girl meets world. "This show is not good enough to kick Dog with a blog off the air. Lots of people wished for Dog with a Blog to be cancelled. I guess those people aren't reading this, because they hadn't seen Girl meets world to wake up and go, "Oh, Dog with a blog isn't the worst show after all.moreless
    • Love it

      Absolutely love this show, I grew up watching boy meets world so to see girl meets world and all the charcters come back in this show, I love it! It's the best thing ever !

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