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If you caught the latest Girl Meets World episode, then you’re definitely going to be a new fan of the spunky girl, Harriet, who shows Riley some wacky sorority fun.

To find out more, I caught up with SIGI GRADWOHL, the actress that plays ‘Harriet’ in the episode titled “Girl Meets the Tell-Tale-Tot.”

Q: What can you tell us about your appearance on Girl Meets World?

SIGI: It's a fairly serious episode which raises moral dilemmas such as lying to your parents and the complications that come with having a crush, at any age. My character provides some comedic relief during a trying time for Riley and Maya.

Q: How was it working on such a fan-favorite show?

SIGI: It was so much fun! Most of the production and crew had worked together during Boy Meets World, and they were extremely welcoming to the guest cast. It felt like one giant family whose Thanksgiving dinner I got to crash for a week.

Q: Anything surprise you about the show or your fellow cast mates?

SIGI: I loved that the writers came up with jokes on the spot when something didn't land -- we were all whipping up comedy on the fly! You had to just stay on your toes and go with the flow. I was also surprised that Rowan was taller than I am. But then again, who isn't? (smiles).

Q: Any chance your character might be back again?

SIGI: I sure hope so! Fingers crossed that Josh will end up at NYU. Maybe he'll even pledge a frat, and Harriet can perform a welcoming cheer.

Q: What’s the biggest lesson you took away from the opportunity?

SIGI: Stay positive, nail your auditions, trust the system, and wait patiently for hard work to meet opportunity. I read for a couple of other roles prior to this one; I got solid feedback but didn't get the parts. The Creator and Writers of the show remembered me and ultimately created this role with me in mind. I was so touched, and it reinforced my belief that you have to have faith!

Q: What else is coming up for you in the near future?

SIGI: My film, Spare Parts, is premiering at the Outfest Film Festival in July, which is really exciting. I'm continuing to create my own content, including a short film (SigNHil) and a series of sketches (The Dating Chronicles). And there are always more auditions to look forward to...plus, you never know when someone will just create a role for you!

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Jun 06, 2015
This is great! I'm looking forward to watching the episode.
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