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There was speculation when Girl Meets World was picked up by Disney that Danielle Fishel's character was no longer an attorney, but ran a pudding shop. Whether that was the original intent or just a rumor, I don't know, but I saw it in a number of articles.

Thankfully show runner Michael Jacobs has squelched those rumors. When asked by Philly.com why the new show isn't set in Philadelphia, as Boy Meets World was, Jacobs answered,

"We made it clear that the kids were going to try their luck in New York City in the finale of 'Boy Meets World,' Topanga received an internship at a New York City law firm where she still works, so the family is raising their children there." Philly.com

This may be a recent development. In an interview (that I can't find now), Danielle was asked what Topanga's job was and she said it was undetermined at that point in filming.
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