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Season 7 Episode 1

After the Storm

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 01, 2006 on The CW
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Episode Summary

After the Storm
On Joan's last day in New Orleans volunteering helping the victims of Hurricane Katrina, she meets Aaron, a fellow volunteer who asks her out. When Joan arrives in L.A. she is determined to repair her relationship with Maya, Lynn, and most importantly Toni. Maya and Darnell return home from Florida where Darnell was working for NASCAR and find out that Lynn has moved in to their house. Meanwhile, William starts to regret his marriage proposal to Monica.moreless

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  • This episode was Depressing

    The episode begins with Joan taking Jog around the sad scenery of the the aftermath from Hurricane Katrina. This episode just had some very sad points that made this show sad during it run on the CW. Had this show continued on i would have liked to see Joan and Toni try to eventually forgive each other.But i guess The actor who played Toni just wanted to leave and it made the show every sad after words. At least Maya and Lynn still forgave Joan i just did not find most this show funny after Toni left.moreless
  • I wasn't pleasantly surprised by any of the plot points in this one, but the seventh season premiere held it's own.

    Despite the fact that a lot of things have changed for this episode-losing a main character and changing stations- Joan and the gang were definitely at a good starting point. At first, I was a little confused by Joan being in New Orleans rebuilding the damage from hurricane Katrina, but then I realized-that's exactly characteristic of what she does and will continue to do (run away from her problems; that being her relationship with Toni and the loss of 3 BF's). Maya was vintage in this episode, especially in her first scene, where she and Darnell return to their home in CA to find Lynn squatting with "hobos" as Maya aptly put it. All in all, the banter throughout this episode was with par from the last season, which did take a bit of a turn. But, I think this is a pretty good start to what could be a whole new beginning for the show.moreless
  • The beginning of the 7th season premiere was alot better than I could have hoped for. It was written extremely well.

    Open with Joan jogging through New Orleans where she is volunteering to re-build home for the victims of the Katrina Disaster. Joan returns home to find that Toni has sold the condo, business, and practically anything of vulue to move to New York with Todd so Morgan can be near her Daddy. Lynn and Maya are shcoked to learn that Joan knows nothing of this. Joan has tryed to call Toni at least 27 times and Toni either didn\'t answer or hung up on her. Maya, Darnell and thier son have spent the summer in Florida while he does his pit-crew training. Lynn has been living in the house for the summer and gets evicted by Maya who shows her to \"the lawn\". William becomes engaged to Monica which he regrets but doesn\'t know how to get out of. All of this is a bit much for Joan but she gives the impressions that she\'s coping well. Later, Maya & Lynn announced they are headed to a tea at Toni\'s as a farewell. Joan was not invited but under her coat she\'s wearing a dress for a tea.

    At the end Lynn finds shelter with Joan.moreless
  • The episode was about Joan rekindling her friendship with Lynn and Maya. Maya now has a house and already came back from Florida. William is engaged with Monica but is having second doubts. Tony is moving to Ny and ignores Joan.moreless

    I love the show Girlfriends! I liked how it took of where it left off on the 6th season. I would have prefered if they didnt start it off with Joan in new orleans because I dont think it really connected to the storyline. I really wish Tony was in the show I think she is what makes the show so funny, they say she is moving to ny in the show but is she ever going to be in another episode???moreless
  • I thought the season premiere was one of the best episodes. It was so very well written. It reminds me of the 2 & 3rd seasons.

    Darnell, Maya and Jabari returned from their trip this summer in Florida where he was doing Pit Crew Training.

    Lynn had her musicians friends who appeared to look a bit misplaced in their living room. Lynn tells Maya that she has sub-leased her apartment for the next six months. This story didn't hold and Maya showed Lynn the "grass".

    Joan returned from New Orleans after trying to reach Toni to learn that she was moving to NY with Morgan and Todd.

    The girls are suprised that Joan doesn't know but later tells her to come to the tea that Toni is giving Joan thinks it's a joke and doesn't go.

    Monica books a wedding date and William has his assistant booked everything in advance to throw her off.moreless

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