Season 6 Episode 11

All God's Children

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Dec 12, 2005 on The CW

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  • shouldn\'t morgan be in both religions, jewish and christian? since she is not only biracial, but can be bireligion? y is todd actually doing this, is he really that concerned about her religion, or is todd getting revenge bec

    when todd and toni first met, i knew those 2 would gettogether,but, i didn\'t know this would happen.

    seems to me that todd is out for revenge, cuz toni treated him like dirt. Not to mention the situation with having morgan left alone in the house, and the nanny taking morgan to her doctors for a physical.

    toni HAS INDEED treated todd so badly.He can\'t be too too concerned about morgan\'s religion. she is jewish and a christian. just like she is also biracial, she should be able to get involved with both religions and both ancesteral backgrounds.

    did the queen of sheba and king solomon ever have this problem, or marcantony and cleopatra?
    how can toni forget how todd fought for her that day in the parkinglot, when some dude got in her face about a scratch on her car.
    Todd should tell toni how he feels and fight for his marriage. if maya and darnell can be togetheragain? why not todd and toni?

    looks to me that episode with kelly rowland\'s character doing what she did will get toni and todd backtogether.
    i hope.