Season 8 Episode 2

Baghdad, My Bad

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 08, 2007 on The CW

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  • Pathetic, simply pathetic

    Wow, Girlfriends is really sinking to an all time low. Aaron's National Guard unit has to go to Iraq & Joan tries to get him to dodge it. How pathetic! Then she has the misguided idea to just take him to Mexico. I guess maybe I'd act extremely crazy if I was a lonely & desperate spinster like Joan who'd pissed away every chance at happiness in my life but I'd never turn my man into a cowardly military deserter. Aaron signed up with the Guard for a reason & he's obligated to live up to his end of the deal whether his lame fiancee' likes it or not. I'm glad he stood up to her in Mexico. Perhaps I'd be more sympathetic if I wasn't dating a Marine who's coming back from his 4th deployment out there & you have to be a strong woman when you date a military man so Joan better man up.

    The Jabari/weed B story was funny; Maya's truth about NOT being cousins with Condoleeza Rice was much funnier. I was glad that no one went to Lynn's party. She had a lot of nerve asking William & Monica to throw it for her. Talk about pissing away your chances in life, she's co-queen with Joan. If I hear her talk about one of her many Masters degrees again, I'll scream. She's just feeling left out, when she should be celebrating her independence on her own, she's no longer a total leech like she has been for the entire history of the show. But in true Lynn fashion, she's still a greedy skank.

    I'm very disappointed in the direction this show is taking. I used to really enjoy Girlfriends but this season is extremely lacking. Last year's season was bad, but this one is off to a much worst start. (Btw, is it just me or is Joan extremely ugly this season? She's never been very attractive, esp. not compared to Maya but this season - yikes!!!)