Season 7 Episode 5

Everybody Hates Monica

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 30, 2006 on The CW
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Everybody Hates Monica
Joan learns that Maya and Lynn did not tell her about a recent outing they had with Toni, who was in town for a brief visit. Joan explains to them that there is no need to keep things secret from her because she is over the whole Toni issue. Later, when Joan insists on bringing Monica into the circle of friends Maya and Lynn accuse her of using Monica as a substitute for Toni, Meanwhile, Maya asks for William's advice on phone sex after Darnell falls asleep during one of her monologues.moreless

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  • The girls have enough of Joan trying to push Monica off on them and Lynn accuses her of using Monica for a replacement for Toni.

    At Joan\'s house Monica, Lynn and Maya are having a get together and Joan insists on including Monica.

    When Monica goes to the ladies room the girls remind her that she still dislikes Monica and they are a little tire of her bending over backways for her.

    Monica comes back and the girls let her know in no certain terms that they don;t like her. Lynn especially lets her know exactly how she feels aout her. Maya & Lynn refuse to participate in the hyprocrisy. Monica tells Joan that she doesn\'t have to worry about being in her wedding.

    Later at the J-Spot Monica nd Joan have it out and Joan reminds Monica that she\'s the one with the negative personality referring to the J-Spot, right up until she got Joan throw off a major case with plans to take over the law firm.

    The agrument helps in a way. Monica lies to herself by pretending everyone is jealous of her. But they do talk civily to each other and decide to try working on being real friends. William still can\'t tell Monica he wants out of the wedding.moreless
  • This was the best episode since the new season has aired!

    We've all been wondering how did Toni just moved to New York to follow Todd, and no one is feeling the pain or mentioning her absensce. All those fishy frys in the world couldn't disrtract us! Finally, we see some acknowledgment of the missing girlfriend when Joan finds out that the girls and Toni (who flew in to tie up loose ends) had lunch. We finally see some emotion from Joan. That of which was not only hilarious in the beginning when she was cutting up pictures of the two of them,"I'm the glue Beeyotch!" Lmao, but you felt her pain when she finally broke in the end and cried on the phone to Lynn about her bestfriend who is no longer. On the other side of the fence, Maya is asking William to help her with phone sex techniques to keep Darnell up. Literally. Lol. William, as usual, delivers his humerous and man-ly comments, and is enjoying Maya's new found " inner ho" writings just a bit too much. All for the comedy. Now. in an attempt to replace Toni, Joan invites Monica into her world. She plays catch up with her and invites her over to the house while Maya and Lynn are there. She regails the girls about Monica's stories and Lynn and Maya go through the motions of being amused. That is , until Monica goes to the bathroom. You know how these girlfriends are, and you know they don't hold their tongues. Monica overhears the mild commotion and calls them out, tell's Joan to forget about being in her wedding and walks out like a diva with her head held high. Later, Joan and Monica are at the J-Spot, and Joan tries to apologize to Monica which leads to the funniest repertoire. Joan to Monica-"Bougie Bougie Bougie!" and Monica to Joan- "I need a mannn I wannt a mann!"

    Lmao, this was a dont miss!moreless
  • 'Everybody Hates Monica... except Joan?"

    This episode was written extremely well. The entire episode was interesting, the main plot, and subplot. I was anticipated to see how Joan would eventually deal with Toni's departure and the end of their friendship. This episode showed Joan's true emotions about how she feels towards Toni and the fact that she ran off, without giving any closure to their friendship. Maya and Lynn played a pivotal role in helping Joan come clean, and stop denying her grief for Toni.

    Joan tried turning towards gaining a friendship with Monica to replace Toni, but Lynn was not about to sit back and watch as Joan hid behind her true feelings. She outed her true feelings for Monica, along with Maya, as well as Joan's reasoning to want to become friends with Monica, which Joan denies when Monica overhears. In the end, Joan and Monica come to the conclusion that they got off on a bad start from introduction, and decides to start over again, and Joan comes clean with her feelings for Toni to Lynn, after finding a picture of the two, when they were younger.

    Maya's subplot with Darnell was hilarious. The whole phone sex storyline was entertaining. William definitely bought the funny when he tried to advise Maya on ways to help Darnell say awake during her monologues.

    This episode was overall a 5 out of 5 in my book.moreless

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    • Monica: Well come on!
      Joan: Come on! What you need a ride? 'Cause I need some gas money!
      Monica: (taken aback) Gas money?
      Joan: Yeaaah, b****! Gas money!

    • Maya: Darnell fell asleep.
      William: So?!
      Maya: During phone sex!
      William: (taken aback) Oh, Well... What were you talking about?
      Maya: Sex!
      William: I'm going to need to know the exact verbiage if I'm going to analyze this correctly.
      Maya: Oh, hell no. You are not going to get your jollies on my watch, no.

    • (About Monica)
      Maya: Joan we don't like her.
      Lynn: And we never will, no matter how much I love monkey stories.

    • Monica: So how do we do this? This friend business?
      Joan: (enthusiastically) Well, uh, we can go to dinner, and then we can share our inner most secrets while we're painting each others nails. (Monica is not exactly interested) Or just dinner.

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    • The episode title, Everybody Hates Monica is in reference to the CW comedy Everybody Hates Chris, in which it's series title originated from the hit CBS comedy Everybody Loves Raymond.