Season 6 Episode 1

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Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Sep 19, 2005 on The CW

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  • UPN Season Premiere

    The season premiere was really good. I\'m glad that the show picked up exactly where last year\'s finale left off. Toni (finally) had that baby but she still wants her divorce from Todd. I hope that the show doesn\'t keep this going on for the entire season. I was very happy to see the Maya/Darnell reunion but saddened when the union ended up in a fight over where their son would be sleeping in his room or on the couch. And I knew that it was only a matter of time before Lynn would venture off into lesbianism. i thought that sub-plot was really silly. But not as ridiculous as the Joan/William \"did they/didn\'t they\" mess. \'Till this day, I still do not want these two to get together.

    All the while, I\'m glad that my favorite sitcom is back for a new season. Until then!
  • Girlfriends is a great show, it is classy & those girls are true friends. They make me wish I had a group of friends that I could hang out and confide in.

    The new season started out ok. It was good that Mya & Darnell got back together but it seems as though it is leading to annulment because of them fighting over something as stupid as where the child will sleep whether it is on the couch or in the bedroom. William and Joan what was that, she's an ooh-ouch girl, so they didn't have sex. Then there is Lynn what is she going to be a lesbian now? Toni and Todd, what is the deal with that, why don't they get a divorce and be done with it.