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News on the series finale.... lawsuit involved

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    Sitcom Saga: No Finale For 'Girlfriends' and Litigation Looms

    By Jawn Murray,

    Don't hold your breath waiting on a proper finale for the long-running sitcom 'Girlfriends.'

    I reported in the BV Buzz on February 12, 2007 that the Kelsey Grammer-produced sitcom, which stars Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, White and Reggie Hayes, was one of the first casualties following the end of the Writer's Guild strike and that The CW had opted to cancel it without fulfilling its remaining nine episodes.

    Well I've now learned exclusively that The CW made the cast members an offer to return for a "retrospective" episode that would feature recaps of the previous shows and cast members reflecting on those shows.
    The CW apparently only offered to pay the actors half of their episodic salary to shoot the makeshift finale, thus the stars collectively opted not to participate.

    In addition, several people close to the show tell me that The CW refuses to honor the contracts of the principal cast members and does not intend to pay the actors for the nine episodes that will not be taped.
    Now the show stars have hired a litigator who will file a joint lawsuit on behalf of the talent, suing the network for the money they are due.

    "The network told them point blank, 'Sue us!' After using this show to help built its name, The CW has turned their back on them and disrespected them in the most horrible way," said someone associated with the show, who spoke under the condition of anonymity.

    A rep for The CW was unaware of a pending lawsuit or the latest developments with the show's finale.
    "To the best of our knowledge no lawsuits have been filed. Nor is there any new word on finale special," said show publicist Paul McGuire via e-mail.

    The CW announced its early renewals for the fall television season at the beginning of March. 'Gossip Girl,' 'One Tree Hill,' 'Smallville,' 'Supernatural,' 'Everybody Hates Chris' and 'America's Next Top Model' were the showsNo word on the fate of 'The Game,' the 'Girlfriends' spin-off also produced and created by 'Girlfriends' executive producer Mara Brock Akil.

    The CW has however allowed 'The Game' to fulfill its commitment for its remaining new episodes for the current season, but whether it will return in the fall has yet to be determined.

    Wow this is really sad... I'm speechless
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    Add the link :

    I just read it 2. I hope they do sue but not just 4 $, for a proper finale! A series finale ep needs 2 be filmed!

    -->Tracee needs 2 forfit her salary tho ( she got her mom's millions, her dad's millions) & give it so Toni can return. I say this bc Tracee was spreadin them lies* about JMJ. We tolerate Joan, sneer @ Tracee Silberstein ( y u not usig your real name?) but we LOVE Toni & JMJ.

    Im mad @ Mara & Salim 4 laying down. They have given cbs-wb-cw & kgrammer an award winning high rated show for 8 yrs. We continued 2 watch even after the show started sucking in fall 06.

    We deserve a proper ending!

    * to Vibe Vixen Tracee said "when the calls went out about the new contracts, Jill gave a quick 'no'... However, like anything, the show is bigger than one person."... Oooh was she wrong! Ratings went sown bc JMJ was the life of Gfs!

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    Crazy stuff..........
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    I believe as I have stated before. The show went down hill when they stopped caring about the script.

    Disaster #1 - Last season (or this one) when Maya lost the baby, that was practically the end. Especially sice Monica wasn't that endearing. They took away a baby that should have been Maya's.

    2- That William, Monica marriage. There was no storyline. There was never any real chemistry between them. They could have done wonders with that one.

    3- Joan still having issues with being single. I have to say at least there was some chemistry between Toni and her husband, but what did they do? Keep them at each others throats! So tell me, what else was there? They got tire of it themselves and instead of ending it correctly which they may have been told to do, they kept up the bull.

    What's your thoughts?
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    What a ripoff!!! I can't believe the CW is screwing us out of the finale!!! Joan was finally going to walk down the aisle giving hope to spintsters everywhere!!!
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