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What's Your Thoughts?!

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    [1]Apr 7, 2008
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    I believe as I have stated before. The show went down hill when they stopped caring about the script.

    Disaster #1 - Last season (or this one) when Maya lost the baby, that was practically the end. Especially sice Monica wasn't that endearing. They took away a baby that should have been Maya's.

    2- That William, Monica marriage. There was no storyline. There was never any real chemistry between them. They could have done wonders with that one.

    3- Joan still having issues with being single. I have to say at least there was some chemistry between Toni and her husband, but what did they do? Keep them at each others throats! So tell me, what else was there? They got tire of it themselves and instead of ending it correctly which they may have been told to do, they kept up the bull.

    What's your thoughts?
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