Season 1 Episode 3


Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Sep 25, 2000 on The CW

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  • Maya and Toni just can't seem to get along

    As the girls are gearing up for a night out on the town, Toni and Maya start showing their true colors. Maya claims she has a hookup at a new club called The Creep, however, Toni decides the girls should go to Liquid City on Rodeo. Maya claims she can get them in there as well, and she does. However, Toni and another women waiting at the door get into a fight, and all of the girlfriends, except for Joan, pitch in to help Toni fight. Toni is upset with Joan for not having her back-and they stop talking. In a scene, later, at the law firm-Toni returns Maya's lost toe ring and apologizes for her behavior. They begin to become friends in this episode. Toni and Joan also make up, after Joan agrees to spend more time alone with Toni. The final scene shows Joan and Toni sneaking into the same club, Liquid City-by pointing and yelling girl fight and running into the club. There are many humorous scenes in this episode. Mainly surrounding Liquid City. Davis Hamilton, owner of 847 is also in this episode.