Season 7 Episode 13

Hot For Preacher

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Feb 05, 2007 on The CW
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Hot For Preacher
When Lynn meets Eldon Perry, an attractive guy at a club where she is singing, but she becomes conflicted about dating him when she discovers he is a Baptist minister. Meanwhile, Joan tries to convince Maya to call a truce with Monica and be friends.

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  • This is a Lynn-focused episode, but I don't learn more about her

    Kadeem Hardison guest-stars as a minister who is first attracted to Lynn's music, and then to the …fullness… of Lynn. Eldon Parks (the minister) and Lynn express instant chemistry, and as a result, instant sex – which surprises them both. For Lynn, this is all good, as her reservations about having a relationship with the minister seem to stem from more than the prospect of him trying to 'save her': Lynn is and always has been an extremely physical person, and physical expression is now a deal-breaker for her. If this relationship had been played out over a longer stretch of time, it would have worked better for me. It seemed very rushed. I thought the writers were implying that Lynn's real attraction to Parks was evidenced by her willingness to overcome her own biases in order to work with the children in his church. But the vehemence with which she breaks off the relationship when she'd denied the prospect of more sex makes me think she's not grown as much as I thought over these 7 years. While I get that she's allowed her partner's beliefs/needs to overshadow hers in the past and feels wary of making the same mistake, she's making the mistake of throwing the baby out with the bath water. Maybe I'm simply reading too much into this, or my expectations are too high, but since they've bothered to introduce the character, play the story out! The potential for growth and balance for both characters exists here. I hope this is not a missed opportunity.

    I was pleased to see the regret that Parks displayed regarding his impulsive sex with Lynn; that rang true. Some might have taken this slip as a sure sign of going straight to hell in a rowboat and lost themselves completely. The 'b' story about wedding prep wasn't all that engaging either.

    Having missed almost the entirety of this season, I was hoping to see some real character development, but I was disappointed.

    It was great to see Hardison onscreen, as I like his work most of the time.moreless
  • Kadeem Hardison very good as always he always brings a special spark to a show. The two new comers were excellent. Earl Williams who is currently on the movie Freedom Writers playing young Marcus and Car'ynn Simms were excellent. They worked well togetmoreless

    Lynn needs to have some success on the show. I think you should bring Kadeem back along with the two children. Kadeem and Lynn should start a relationship and let it be positive and successful. The children for whatever reason will be adopted by Kadeem and Lynn will become their Mother figure. Lynn needs to have something positive to happen to her on the show. Since Toni is gone you need to bring in different characters to take the show in a different direction and capture the audience that is lost. This will do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!moreless
Kadeem Hardison

Kadeem Hardison

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Car'ynn Sims

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Earl Williams

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