Season 3 Episode 6

Invasion of the Gold Digger

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 28, 2002 on The CW

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  • William meets Joan at the Blu Bar and tells her that he's been given a big case and enlists her help which excites Joan.....

    The girls are at the Blu Bar where Toni runs into Dr. Todd Garrett she starts bragging that he told her she didn't need any surgery becuase she was gorgeous. He states she's beautiful & remains her to seek professional help in the form of counseling.
    Monica shows up to meet William and changes his drinks ignores his friends and leaves Toni with the impression that she is only using William.
    William drops Joan as a result of Monica & Toni keeps running into Dr. Garrett would asks her out but she turns him down. Joan gets even with William by settling a case. He nearly declares war. Maya & Toni have lunch & Todd shows up Maya senses mutual feelings & tells Toni so. Toni calls Todd and apologizes the two hit it off by insulting each other. Williams & Joan comes to terms &make-up.
  • William meets Joan at the Blu Bar and tells her he got a big case. Joan is prond of William and asks if he needs co-counsel and he decides to go with her.

    Joan and William are set to work a big case together that will help both their careers. But William\'s ambitious girlfriend Monica convinces him that going solo will impress the partners more than if he had help.
    Maya,Lynn & Toni have figured out that she is using William and Joan trys to warn him and the two go head to head with Joan getting the upper hand.
    Toni keeps running into Plastic Surgeon Dr. Garrett Maya immediately picks up on the fact that they like each other more than a little. Toni explains that she turned him down for a date due to his height. But asks to met him at the Blu Bar where they go head to head with insults but you can sense the undenaible attraction.
  • Monica William's new girlfriends instantly rubs the Joan, Maya, Lynn & Toni the wrong way at the Blu Bar.

    The girls immediately detect that Monica is out for one thing to use William. Toni immediately picks up on it and warns the others. Joan willing to give her a fair chance realizes Monica is no good when she convinces William to drop her as co-counsel which would have helped her become senior partner faster. Toni meets Dr.Garrett while waiting for her take out order & he asks her out but she refuses on the grounds of his height but smiles as she switches out of the restuarant Todd is not deterred. Joan ends up getting even with William & the two have a fight in her office she warns him about Monica but he doesn't listen. Toni runs into the plastic surgeon again and smiles at him. Maya tells Toni that she senses a chemistry & that Toni should see what's up with it. They met at the Blu Bar & cut each other down to size but in a thrilling way. Joan later reconciles with William. Excellent show.
  • I loved how the girls wanted to protect William from Monica and it turns out with very good reason.

    At the Blu Bar Toni runs into Dr. Garrett while out with William and the girls. Moments later Williams' date Monica shows up & Toni immediately senses that her intentions are no good. She ends up having to sale Joan on the idea who gives Monica the benefit of the doubt until William drops her as co-counsel on Monica's advice. Joan cleverly plots to even the score. In the meanwhile Toni sees Dr. Garrett you can sense the attraction and Maya tells her so. Joan & William have words William unable to see that he really doesn't need Monica goes head to head with Joan. Toni later mets Todd to apologize & the two trade cutting but charming insults. Joan & William reconcile. Well written & fun to watch.