Season 3 Episode 6

Invasion of the Gold Digger

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 28, 2002 on The CW

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  • William meets Joan at the Blu Bar and tells her that he's been given a big case and enlists her help which excites Joan.....

    The girls are at the Blu Bar where Toni runs into Dr. Todd Garrett she starts bragging that he told her she didn't need any surgery becuase she was gorgeous. He states she's beautiful & remains her to seek professional help in the form of counseling.
    Monica shows up to meet William and changes his drinks ignores his friends and leaves Toni with the impression that she is only using William.
    William drops Joan as a result of Monica & Toni keeps running into Dr. Garrett would asks her out but she turns him down. Joan gets even with William by settling a case. He nearly declares war. Maya & Toni have lunch & Todd shows up Maya senses mutual feelings & tells Toni so. Toni calls Todd and apologizes the two hit it off by insulting each other. Williams & Joan comes to terms &make-up.