Season 3 Episode 6

Invasion of the Gold Digger

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 28, 2002 on The CW

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  • I loved how the girls wanted to protect William from Monica and it turns out with very good reason.

    At the Blu Bar Toni runs into Dr. Garrett while out with William and the girls. Moments later Williams' date Monica shows up & Toni immediately senses that her intentions are no good. She ends up having to sale Joan on the idea who gives Monica the benefit of the doubt until William drops her as co-counsel on Monica's advice. Joan cleverly plots to even the score. In the meanwhile Toni sees Dr. Garrett you can sense the attraction and Maya tells her so. Joan & William have words William unable to see that he really doesn't need Monica goes head to head with Joan. Toni later mets Todd to apologize & the two trade cutting but charming insults. Joan & William reconcile. Well written & fun to watch.