Season 6 Episode 19

It's Raining Men

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Apr 24, 2006 on The CW

Episode Recap

The episodes begins with William dining with Maya and Lynn. He reveals that he's dealing with a dating service and he also shares, not to their liking, a view of his heretical snake skin rash on the back of his neck.

The next scene is where Joan riding around with Jevon. He breaks the bad news to her that he has a busy day the next day and he offers to take her back home or back to the J-Spot. Joan ends up back at the J-Spot and she runs into a costumer, Kurtis, who reveals that he has just signed a group to his label. He offers to have a drink with Joan but she declines and says she doesn't drink with her costumers, but she makes and exception and tells him that she'll meet him at the table. Lynn tries to get in with Kurtis, but once he finds out her genre of music, he turns her down.

Joan decides to have a conversation with Maya and Lynn, she tells them about how Jevon isn't putting out and Maya suggest that he may just be thinking he can do better. Joan decides to call Jevon herself and invite him to an award ceremony where she is being nominating for an award for entrepreneur.

The next day, she is greeted my Derrick, he tells her that he knows about her award ceremony and he hints that he would go if she invites him. Joan eventually catches on, but she isn't happy.

Back at Williams' office, Williams' dating service assistant tries to help him in his quest for a relationship, telling him that is a process. But William reassures her that he wants the process to speed up. He turns down most of the contenders, until he sees a familiar face, Monica.

The night of Joan's award ceremony, Toni shows up. At first, their conversation starts out a little harsh, although Joan makes several attempts to make Toni open up. Eventually she does, but their reunion is cut off when Derrick comes and Joan realizes that she shouldn't be waiting around for Jevon and she goes to get 'her man', leaving Toni by herself.

Joan wakes up in the bed with Derrick and he reveals that he's falling for Joan. He prepares a bed and breakfast for her, while she calls Maya. Maya tries to persuade Joan to fix her relationship with Toni, but Joan takes her advice the wrong way, and decides that she should think more of herself. She decides that if Derrick loves her, that's his problem. She isn't in love with him, and for now on; she's moving on and becoming the 'fun Joan'.

Williams' assistant contacts Monica and she reveals that she's found her a contender, but before he is revealed, Monica spots his face and says his name. Monica: "William Dent".

Back at the J-Spot, Joan runs into Kurtis again. He dismisses his friends for her, and then he invites her to Quincy Jones home for a preview of a new movie. Joan accepts. Just then, Lynn comes in with Toni and Toni realizes that it is a setup and that Joan isn't dying. Lynn begs her to stay and she does, to shut her up. When Joan approaches her, she tells her that they need to talk, but Joan cuts her off, and tells her that she has plans and she will call her in the morning.

The next day, Joan is prepared to leave with Kurtis, but not without getting a talk with Maya and Lynn. Before she is able to leave, she gets a surprising visit from Jevon, and he explains the reason that he didn't return her phone call, because he lost his cell phone and all of Joan's contacts. Joan decides to ditch her flight with Kurtis, and stay with Jevon, faking as if she was just getting back in from a trip.

In the end, William is set up on a date with a woman, and they decide to tell all, until William reveals his rash on the back of his neck, and she shares a little too much for William.