Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 9:30 PM May 14, 2001 on The CW

Episode Recap

The girls try to get Toni out of bed, but she is too sad about the breakup with Greg. Not even the girls singing and making a show for her makes her get out of bed.

After a while, though, Toni finally gets up and threatens to poison them before she commits suicide. When Toni is in the bathroom, the girls make her bed and open the windows when Joan breaks down and tells Maya and that she spilled the news of Toni's engagement to Clay.

Yvonne and William are in bed talking about his wish for her to quit her job. Yvonne can't believe William really gave her an ultimatum and leaves to pack for a trip to the Sindbad music festival.

Meanwhile, Joan trys to talk Greg into getting back together with Toni, but he refuses, too hurt by the whole thing.

Maya and Lynn come in just before Sean comes it. He will stay with Joan for the few days until he goes to New York. Right afterwards, William storms in asking Joan about the music festival, giving her the idea to take Toni there as well. This upsets Sean as it will be his last weekend in Los Angeles and they start to argue about it. When Sean storms off, Joan shouts that he should take his stuff out of her garage.

When the girls arrive at their hotel in Jamaica, Maya decides to go to the pool right away, while Toni only wants to call Greg.

When Maya goes off to pay the porter, Vosco, she starts flirting with him.

Meanwhile,Maya comes into the living room in a bikini and ready for the pool, when Joan and Lynn stop her telling her to get a bikini wax.

In the evening, Toni is still sad, and Joan tries to find a man for her. She meets a man she knows from past music festivals for Toni, who runs off as soon as she says she feels like dying.

As soon as he left, Joan sees Yvonne. After talking a bit, Joan goes back to Toni, trying to make her laugh and be happy.

Maya comes down the stairs singing. Joan tells her to be careful as it might give off the wrong signals, upon which Maya tells her she got back what she thought she lost - she feels great again! It appears she took the girls' advice from earlier.

Meanwhile, Lynn flirts with Vosco.

When NFL star Terrell Davis sits down next to Toni and Joan, Joan introduces the two.

The next morning, the girls are back at their room. Maya wants to go back to Darnell, Lynn comes back from Vosco, and Toni comes back from a shopping trip with Terrell.

When Toni tells the girls she wants to marry Terrell, cause if she can't have the man of her dreams, she at least wants the man with her dream bank account, Joan tells her that she told Greg about the engagement before Toni had a chance. Toni blows up in Joan's face and runs off.

Yvonne dances with a good looking man, when William comes in and pulls her away. He asks Yvonne if she would give up her job for her husband, popping up a box with a ring.

At the same time, Joan comes into her house seeing Sean. She tells him how glad she is he's still there when Toni comes up from the sofa.