Season 1 Episode 22


Aired Sunday 9:30 PM May 14, 2001 on The CW

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  • What the Hell?

    Although My Girlfriends is a complete hit with me ,it has been years since I've had a chance to watch them.

    This desire drove me to Google their whereabouts as such I landed on . All excited ,I click on any one of the many listed episodes and to my disappointment I was unable to watch any of them! What the hell is that about?.

    I miss Lynn never graduating [going thru that now:) ],Toni's boosie attitude,Joan's constant dilemmas and William's "pimpish" you please direct me to where I can actually watch them?!!!
  • A lot of plot twists, plenty of humor and all the girls at the vintage piques

    The girls all decide to chill in Jamaica after Toni breaks up with, and remains broken, over Greg. It eventually comes out that Joan told Greg about Clay, and Toni goes slap off on her. Yvonne, who is also in town to escape William and his ultimatum, gets the surprise of her life when he follows her there and proposes. Toni also gets a proposal from a pro football player, but Joan's admission forces her to return home. Lynn decides to stay behind with her new rasta boyfriend. So, after the rest of the girls decide to come home from the Sinbad festival, Joan discovers Sean standing half nude above Toni whose lying down on the couch-obviously trying to tempt him into sleeping with her.