Season 2 Episode 2

Just Say No

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Sep 17, 2001 on The CW

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  • Joan is literally making herself crazy over a woman who doesn't seem to care about her-Toni.

    This epi sets the official tone of the friendship between Joan and Toni. While Joan gives and gives, Toni willingly takes with no apologies and asks for even more. Even though Maya tries to talk to Joan about her visiting a therapist (actually talk her out of it-quote: black people don't go to therapists Joan, we go to church.) Joan, of course, doesn't listen to Maya at all, nor the therapist she's paying good money for. She brings Toni in on the sessions and her problem with Toni only seems to put aside-for the moment! Great acting, as usual, and quite a few lol moments.