Season 6 Episode 4

Latching On and Lashing Out

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 10, 2005 on The CW

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  • I don't know why people are acting as if they have never heard someone curse at a child before. I myself have not but I have seen it done too many times, especially with new and young mothers!

    I don't know what it's like to be a parent, and I don’t want to know. The episodes of Toni and the baby made me think of mothers suffering from post pardon depression. What makes the episodes with the baby significant is the fact that Toni should have been the last person to have a child.
  • This show/episode was swiftly falling to the bottom of the barrel/gutter. It was a shock and disappointment to put it lightly.

    I was completely taken aback at the language that toni used at and on this child this was completely un-called for. This show once had a more classy side to it but this was scaping the bottom. And Joan plotting she was more interested than Toni was. William is the one person who still sticks to his convictions with the exception of Maya. Once again Joan is taking responsibility for trying to help. This was the worst episode ever. What does this say about the producers & writers?
  • It was one thing when the girls would casually curse at each other. But cursing at this baby was completely sick and unnecessary.

    This show went to the sharks when Toni cursed at Morgan. She probably feels she is a "B" herself but don't throw that title on a newborn becuase you insighted a custody fight with your husband by not cooperating. And Joan should have been left out of this unneccessary mess.
  • "Girlfriends" was a superior TV show with an extremely talented and beautiful cast. At lunch, everyone would talk about the episodes and the fabulous attire of the female characters. Currently, the show's storyline for each character has become negative

    \"Girlfriends\" has been my favorite show for years.
    The young ladies on the show are beautiful and extremely talented. The earlier shows were very positive and exciting to view. For ex., Joan was a high profile attorney with a large law firm. Now, she is the owner of a restaurant that is not a success. Week after week, we watch Joan\'s restaurant decline. William appears to be stuck on a stool all the time.

    The current segments are negative. I don\'t look forward to seeing the show anymore. In fact, I enjoy watching the repeats that are on late nights. Those segments were funny and well written. There was a \"girlfriend-like\" feel that appeared to jump out from the screen. One could feel the energy and fun. However, there is a negative storyline related to each character now. Please, please return to the old formula. We miss the true \"Girlfriends\".