Season 4 Episode 14

Leggo My Ego

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Feb 16, 2004 on The CW
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Leggo My Ego
Joan's procrastination puts her job in jeopardy when she doesn't act quickly enough toward securing donations for a charity auction, which she has agreed to arrange for her boss. William seeks revenge after Lynn uses a photo of him in the shower (with an unflattering shower cap) to blackmail him into paying her alimony.moreless

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  • This episode shows just how you can be easily manipulated without realizing it. You plan on doing or saying one thing but you are sidetracked.So was the case with Maya when she discovered new furniture in her apartment.moreless

    When Maya goes to the restaurant to confront Alex, I just love how he turns the situation around to make it seems as if he is the victim. He gives her a speech about how he can not help it if he has money and how it is her place to accept the money. Like she’s a Prostitute, which is way more degrading than a Gold Digger. And yes there is a difference.

    A Gold Digger is someone who only dates or marries someone because they have money. And some Gold Diggers have got it so good that half of the time, they don’t even sleep with the men. A Prostitute is someone whose “job” it is to sell her body for money either for herself so that she may have money, or for someone else, her “pimp”. A Prostitute doesn’t care whether or not her suitor is rich. She only cares that he has a couple of dollars on him to pay for “services rendered”. Maya just wanted someone to spend time with; Alex just wanted a trophy on his arm.

    Favorite quote:

    (After telling the rest of the girlfriends about her alimony)

    Lynn: “I’m going to rent the penthouse in Toni’s building.”

    Toni: “Damn Girl, how much you gettin’?”

    Lynn: “You don’t wanna know. It’ll just make you wanna kill Todd for the insurance money.”


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    • Toni: I'm afraid that when I die, I won't be missed.

    • Lynn (about Vanna White): She's a prop.
      Maya: She's a sly-as-a-fox prop. Anyone who can get over that long turning letters in sequins is worth meeting.

    • Joan: She's a pathetic bitch, and I'm tired of that bitch, and I sometimes wish that bitch was out of my life.
      (Toni walks in and stands behind her as she says this.)
      Joan: And the bitch is right behind me, isn't she?

    • Joan (about Toni): I don't even know why I'm friends with her.
      Maya: You're preaching to the choir.
      William: I would have told you to cut her loose years ago, but I kept hoping you'd rip each other's clothes off in a fit of pique.

    • Toni: All of you jealous, ugly bitches can kiss my fabulous black ass. And yes, William, today you are one of those bitches.

    • Lynn: (to Maya) Please. What's fifty? I'm livin' high on the hog. (Sees William) Hey, hog!

    • Maya: (to Jimmy Carter) I respect all you do...but you need to back your Georgia peanut-growing ass off my lunch.

    • Lynn: I got my own apartment.
      Maya: How'd you manage that? I thought you spent all your alimony on wack-ass Blue Octagon.

  • NOTES (1)


    • William: If worse comes to worse, I'm willing to part with my Sister, Sister lunch box with Tia thermos and Tamera sandwich keeper.

      Sister, Sister was a 1990s sitcom (debuting on ABC, but spending nearly all of its run on the WB) about twin sisters separated at birth who meet as teens and begin living together with each one's single adoptive parent. Twins Tia and Tamera Mowry starred in the series (as characters also named Tia and Tamera). Tia would later play a guest star role as Melanie on the show.

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