Season 1 Episode 10

Never a Bridesmaid

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Nov 27, 2000 on The CW

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  • This episode, which I was never fond of, somehow manages to get its plot recycled throughout the series: Blame it all on Joan.

    Maya and Darnell want to renew their wedding vows, and naturally crazy old Joan is asked to be a bridesmaid. Unfortunately, two worlds collide as Joan doesn\'t find Maya\'s ghetto fabulous wedding all that classy. As she continues to make suggestions for changes, Maya kirks out on her and calls her \"classist and egregious.\" This is a theme recurring throughout the rest of the episode.

    As Joan tries to come to terms with what\'s happening and apologizing, the situation gets worse and Maya kicks Joan out of the wedding. Eventually Joan gets through to Maya and everything ends happily. Or so we\'re led to believe.

    The problem here is that there\'s quite a bit said between the two characters. Harsh things that can\'t be swept under the rug by the next episode, and the worst part is that they were. This episode is only brought up in passing later on, including in a similarly themed episode where Toni gets pissed at Joan and kicks her out of her wedding. How many times is this going to happen?
  • Joan is indeed both classist and egregious in this episode

    Or, so Maya likes to continue to tell her. No good deed goes unpunished, and Joan's offering to host and pay for Maya's wedding renewal certainly didn't earn her any cool points. Now, when you see the episode- you will see that everything Maya wants in her wedding is straight ghetto fabulous, yet Joan fails to realize that its her friends wedding and not her own. Since Joan has been planning her's since birth! Eventually, after Maya changes the festivities to her home and kicks Joan outta the wedding-the 2 make up, and all is well. WARNING: for anyone who sees this episode and thinks the lavendar organza and velvet dresses are cute-please, think again!