Season 4 Episode 24

New York Unbound

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM May 24, 2004 on The CW

Episode Recap

Maya to happy to be in New York getting her book published but has to fight to keep certain things in. William runs into Joan who goes to New York to avoid him and to support Toni in getting her man back. She is shocked to see William who tells her that he did not follow her but came to give Maya legal advice and a shoulder of support.

Toni goes to the set and see Natalie and goes ballistic yelling and threating the woman who trys to convince Toni that the two are only working together. When she is asked to leave she starts begging Todd not to leave. This is when I figured 1 of three things 1) Toni is pregnany 2) She's having a breakdown after all these years or 3) Both of the above mentioned. Later William meets the convining Monica just as Joan decides to tell him the truth. Todd tells Toni that she never loved him and wonders why she is suddenly interested in the marriage it is then that she drops a bombshell- she's pregnant. Lynn trys to find out who her father is by claiming to be a census taker.