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  • Girlfriends is one of my favorite shows thats out right now. It has Drama, comedy, and alittle reality.

    Girlfriends is the show that has Comedy, Drama, and alittle reality. Although One Tree Hill is my favorite show of all time, Girlfriends really keep me wanting to watch more of it. I did not get a chance to watch the last episode but I know it was good. My Favorite person on the show is Joan because she's crazy like I am and very smart. She knows how to take care of her self and she knows how to dress. Another characteristic that I Everybody that is reading this review should watch Girlfriends and if you do then Good For You.
  • Want more Boogie!!!!!

    As scene in the episode "I'll have a Blue Line Christmas"...I'd like to see Joan come further out of her booshi shell, so please continue her relationship with Aaron...more scenes at his apartment, so we can see the neighbor a lot more. Boogie, who was refreshing, funny, charasmatic, and cute. Superb, episode direction as well.
  • Lets Get Jill Marie Back on the Show!

    I used to love watching the show Girlfriends. Who let Jill Marie Jones leave the show. I thought the show was very humerous and exciting. Now, the show is dull and missing something. Its missing Jill Marie Jones. The show was about a crew of four women. The crew is now messed up because one of the women is gone. I know for a fact that many of friends don't watch Girlfriends at all anymore because they feel the same way I do. I believe that the shows ratings are going to decrease until Jill Marie Jones comes back to the show. Jill Marie Jones was my favorite character. Her character made the show interesting. She was the one with the flare, sassiness, and attitude. Now the show is just dull. I think changes need to be made.Lets get Jill Marie back on the show.
  • Where is Jill Marie Jones? The show does not click without her. My husband and I watched a program tonight without Jill and we missed her terribly. Do whatever you need to do to persuade Jill to return to the show. Thank you for your consideration.

    We watched the program which was aired on Monday, December 18, 2006. I do not have the title but it was about Mya wanting Joan to spend time at her home rather than going to Joan's home all the time.

    The acting was fair. The major problem is that Jill Marie Jones is not on the cast. I am afraid if Jill is not included in future productions, the show will be cancelled.

    I encourage you to do whatever is necessary to keep the program as we have all come to love it. We found it most difficult watching without Jill.
  • I lovve the shows girlfriend. it might favorite show. I look at the show everytime it come on. eventhough i saw all the espisodes i still look at it everytime it come on.

    I lovve the shows girlfriend. it might favorite show. I look at the show everytime it come on. Eventhough i saw all the espisodes i still look at it everytime it come on. All the girls or my favorite chharacter and william. I like the ways thay act and hepl them with their problem. All of them or all success women doing what they have to do,to get by. I like the friendship they even have with their friend williams.They should keep coming out with the show
  • i love maya because shem is funn an eencourgeS U A LOT

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  • This is a show about 4 Women and 1 man who love and appreciate each other!, They have a friendship closer than Family. They are there for each other when noone even knows something is wrong!

    This show is about 4 best friends who embark on a journey into daily life. Facing trails and tribulation together. Joan in the successful Lawyer turned Club / Lounge owner, who desperately seeks love and would do anything to be married. Toni, Joan's ex-best-friend from childhood in Fresno, is no longer on the show, however played a big role in the lives of all the "Girlfriends". She was also very successful, she was one of the top selling Realtors and appreciated all the wealth she had obtained in the process. Maya is the Girlfriend thats also a mother, and wife. She was introduced to the girlfriends via Joan, while Joan wa a lawyer Maya was her assistant. However now she is a successful authoress, famous for her book. Oh hell yes! Then there is Lynn, she is the scatter brain of the group, the one girls who doesn't want to grow up and as long as her friends will enable her, she wont!, well now she has caught a brake, she is working with musical legend Big Boi, and is finally learning what its like to be a real adult. Then thers William, the boy-friend, to the Girlfriends!, He was and successful partner at a prestigious law firm, and left with his best friend Joan to start the Club / Lounge business. William is currently in the process of getting married to Monica, who has been on the show for a while now. Those are the main characters in the show, and If you can Fall in Love with them then this show can be your favorite pastime like mine!
  • Girlfriends, is my favorite tv. show! The first time I watched the show I was hooked! Persia White, who plays Lynn, is my favorite! I am definitely a Girlfriends fan!

    Girlfriends, is absolutely a fantastic show! It is actually a show I can sit through! The comedy, and drama is great! The show deals with real life issues, and I think that is very beneficial, for the viewers. Girlfriends, is my number one favorite tv show! I tell everyone about it, and recommend them to watch the tv show if they are looking, for a tv show that is funny, as well as witty! I must compliment the theme song to Girlfriends, I like the music, as well as the words! All the actors and actresses are fantastic and awesome!
  • Bring Toni back, keep Monica, and lose the personal trainer!

    I am a fan of Girlfriends but it went down to me when Toni was longer apart of the group. You can tell that it's missing something. I hope that the creators don't think that Monica's character makes it better because it doesn't. I personally hope that the creators don't try to ease the personal trainer in on the slide. Why can't they just bring Toni back? Girlfriends use to be my favorite show and now it's just another show. I think that they should just go back to the original. Bring Toni back, keep Monica, and lose the personal trainer because she's not funny.
  • Great show.

    LOCA2000, Do you or have you EVER gone to school? If not you should and if you do, I\\\'d sue the school system to get any money that was spent back because your spelling is the worst I have ever seen. Good God! Perhaps you should get away from the television and pick up a book.
  • toni and tod darnell and maya

    The show is still good but how can you have "Girlfriends" show without Toni, they need to bring her and Dr. Garrett back and put Darnell more in the show I love MAYA and DARNELL / TONI and TOD the best I can relate to those characters. Monica, attitude I love she bring spice to the show and joan is crazy and I wish she really get a good man and lynn is nasty but cool so I can honesty say that I can relate to everybody on the show except william but he would be a good guy friend to have
  • Jill Marie Jones

    I watched one of the new shows and was ready to turn the channel, Girlfriends to me is not the same without her and Joan trying to use Monica to replace was a complete flop. In every show there is a favorite actor/actress that everyone wants to see. I\\\'ve talked to others that watched the show before and feel also that the show is not the same anymore. Goodluck
  • well this show is fun and funny i like i like lynn i think thats her name the chick with the tatto in her stomack looks hot im straight but that tattoo is awesome .well anyways i hope the show stays foreever its the besst

    well the first time i saw was when the chick with tatto got attemp to suicide but ended up engage to this other women who is suppsedly depressed and how there friends react that shes engage withj sarcastism like whatever ts natural.and linn ends up not marrieng her.well anyways this show is great i like it its a funny black show with funny ladies wh dont say bad words.if only i could meet big willy hes is funn also the consided lady who has a baby and ,akes fun of the other chick .well this show rocks and ilove it go girlfriends ouch viva mexico aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • This show is missing Toni. It's a good show but it use to be a great show.

    This show is missing the full ingredience, Toni. It\'s not complete unless she comes back. Make it happen. How could she leave this important show. This is the only Africian-American show that addresses all the issues in everyday life. It helps our community to have a boader prospective on issues that needs to addressed. This show was a 10 in my ratings. It\'s not too late. Bring back Toni. Diversity is always good in a show.

    i love the show girlfriends i watch it every time it comes on but i just wanna know where is toni?? to me she made the show what it is!!and i really think they should bring toni back into the show. and take monica out!!!but anyways keep up the good work!
  • Girlfriends

    I love girlfrinds i can say it kind of related to me and some of my best friends the way the are with each others neck but still there for one another when friends come first then guys but you choose the guys and later you get dumb or cheated on and there still there for you..this show is great funny sad at times make you cry well it make me. i love maya ghetto kinda relates to me lol lynn is also cool even though i seen all episodes i never get tired of seeing the reruns they put all the time
  • Toni, Brock and Yvonne

    Bring them back to the show. Toni is funny. Brock can keep Joan in line and Yvonne is just right for William. Monica is too controling. Brock and Joan made the perfect couple. Tony add something funny and special to the show. Joan love her like a sister. Plus Joan taught us you them not what they do. William and Yvonne was cute together and sweet. Toni makes the four friends till the end now it seems something is missing. I would have love to seem tem raising her little girl. This would have been a riot. So them
  • I am ever so curious as to why the character played as Toni, was either written out of the script, fired, quit WHAT???WHAT???WHAT???

    The show had a worthy come back, I am one who looks for holes in scripts. The script was tight, there was enough suspense, particularly with the William, Monica thing. Even though the script supports Toni making a change and it appears the writers knew she was leaving, so I have to admit it was well done. I guess we dont really like that kinds of chance, we tend to want things to remain the same, which is not real. Life is about chance, chance happens whether we like it or not. So I guess we have to accept that Toni is gone.
    So I will give it a 95
  • Girlfriend's follows the lives of four African-American women living in LA.

    I absolutely love this show. I first discovered the show in 2003 and I have been hooked ever since. I love the writing and storylines of the show. The show has become in a sense a "girlfriend" to me. Me and my girls discuss the episodes each week. We talk about their issues as if they were real:) My favorite character on the show is Maya. I love how the writers have developed her character over the years. And William--- what can I say about him. I wish I had a William in my life. It's good to see positive black men portrayed on T.V. I'm so happy that the show was picked up after the merger and I can't wait to see how things unfold in the coming season. Also, I want a Girlfriend's Box Set. Now, that would be an awesome stocking stuffer.
  • I love this show...

    This show finally put black women in the light as to what the majority of us are...professional, independent, and comes in all different shades...I was tired of seeing us being deplicted as poor, on welfare, no jobs, and not having anything going for ourselves...Not since Claire Huxtable have we had any black women on sitcoms playing roles that are successful lawyers or business owners. I love this show. It's funny and sometimes informative and they aren't stuck up...well except the show..I hope they don't cancel this one too like they did Half & Half...
  • I am very excited about the new season of Girlfriends and I am looking forward to seeing what is going on with the girls now. This is one show I never want to miss. The show addresses issues for all people and it is always entertaining. Go Joan!

    Girlfriends is the perfect sitcom. Every week I tune in to see what the girls are up to now. I have enjoyed watching each character evolve and I have also savored the complexity of the transitions. Joan, Mya, William, Lynn and Toni are all people who each and every one of us can relate to in one way or another. The issues that are confronted in each episode are not Black issues or Women issues but they are People Issues and I am grateful that someone found a way to bring those issues to light in a comedic way. You can not watch this show without learning a little about love and friendship, commitment and sacrifice and unless you are in a coma you will be laughing the entire time.
  • 'Girlfriends' is a comedy which provides an open, honest exploration of the hot button issues about family, friends, relationships and life facing women today.

    ‘Girlfriends’ is hilarious yet it is a very adult show. I would recommend it to anyone. They cover all series topics such as aids, dioceses, custody battles, even the occasional cat fights. When you think about it one of the topics the show discussed are bound to happen in real life. They covered all of the bases. Although the results aren’t always good from their struggles they do what they have to do and in the race of life that always leads you to satisfying finish. That is what they are trying to show which is why it is a huge inspiration to me and thousands of women I give this show a perfect 100%!
  • I just started watching 2 seasons ago and it hilarious!

    I usually didn't watch a lot of the shows on UPN and WB, but I liked this show a lot. It's very funny and it reminds me of Sex in the city a little bit ^-^ But its a pretty cool show. I like how they talk about guys and relationships and make fun of each other. Kind of reminds me of me and my friends. This show is like my guilty pleasure, because lately- I haven't watched a lot of comedies. My favorite character is Lyn- she always say something weird , but she's funny. Its a good show. LOL
  • Never got the credit it deserved!

    Girlfriends has been typecast as an 'African-American/urban comedy'. It DOES have an all black ensemble cast, but it's so funny that sometimes I forget that. It's sad that more people haven't given this show a chance and that it isn't more popular. We need more shows that challenge people viewpoints of Blacks, Latinos, etc. Girlfriends does but it's also funny as hell. Too bad Jill Marie Jones won't be back this season :(.
  • Girlfriends is one of the best comedies ever!

    Telling the stories of the lives of four women as they struggle through life, work, love, and family, Girlfriends is a one of a kind show. The writing is quite entertaining and funny. The acting is amazing, with each actor and actress giving top-notch performances. Watching this show is quite a delight, as it doesn't fall into the conventions of TV and actually stays true to the real aspects of the lives of real women in modern society. The problems dealt with on the show are quite realistic and thus entertaining. Girlfriends is one of the best comedies on television.
  • I love this show, I hope they don't cancel it. Its getting better also, so please keep this show on the air!

    Keep this show on the air UPN, I love it andn alot of women love it, its getting better and better with time. Joan is going nuts, and Toni is well Toni and I definitely want to see what happens with Maya and her husband moving away. Can't wait for the new season, please don't be cancelled. Well, we shall see what happens with the cw net work or whatever it is called. I think it was suppose to be renewed for a 3 more seasons on the air, I read that somewhere, I forgot once again. Girlfriends is the best.
  • i really like the sires of girlfriend they are full of drama,and their are like every other friend out there in the world.

    i like girlfriends,the sires. it tells you each charter,a selfish girl who loves money(toni), a women who is freaky and most of the time talk about sex, and living in friends home(lynn), woman who had a baby at a young age and is married (mya), and now a woman who ruien every relationship she gets with a man (joan).also they have a male friend who is always around if they need him or not. this comedy,drama really tells you an everyday thing between friends. you can also learn from it. thats why im happy they are doing another season. girlfriends.
  • This show was my favorite show I was so mad when I found out it was going off I almost cried.

    Girlfriends was one of the best it was THE best show until it ended. I cried when it went off just knowing that a new episode of Girlfriends was going to come on later that night made my day. If I was having a bad day one day I'd just turn on Girlfriends and it would cheer me right up. It seems like T.V. is really getting boring now because they're cancelled all the good shows and bringing in ones that just try to copy off of the others and they're not even good. Girlfriends was a very good show and I'm at least happy that they ended it before it got too old but still sad they ended it.
  • \"Girlfriends\" it is the best show ever! I love all the charaters in the show. I would love to see more of The Character \"William Dent\'s mother\" He is so funny and I love his substance to the show. I have been a huge fan since day One. Awesome!

    I love the show! it\'s innovative and quite tasteful, I wish I could have been an extra in the show. I watch every chance I get and try not to ever miss an episode. Although it gets hard sometimes because I'm currently in Nursing school I sometime find myself rushing home to see the show, it's like my vacation from my busy life I love \"Girlfriends\" I try to watch every show or movie that any of the cast has a part in, Keep up the wonderful work. God bless you all!

  • This show is about four girlfriends living in modern day L.A. and they are going through life's ups and downs.

    I absolutely loove this show and I just think it is soooo

    hilarious and interesting. I just loove the girlfriends and

    my favorite character would have to be Maya played by the

    ever beautiful Golden Brooks. I like her character because

    she is real and not ditzy or anything and she just tells it

    like it is. My least favorite character would have to be

    Lynn because she is just a lazy excuse for a person and

    doesn't intend to put her good educatino to use.
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