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  • 4 girlfriends and 1 guy-friend going through life's trials & tribulations and having fun doing it!

    I really enjoy this show! I think all of the actors are superb, but I especially like Tracee Ellis Ross\'s Joan Clayton character. Then again, the Maya character is great, too! I\'d love to attend one of her \"Oh, Hell Yes\" seminars, LOL! ;)

    The humor is bright and really funny, and the storylines are fun.

    One thing that I haven\'t seen in all of these reviews here, and that I\'d like to make mention of; is how wonderfully amazing the set design for this show is!

    I am an artist myself, and I have fallen madly in love with all of the artwork on the show, from the paintings in Joan\'s office, to her sublimely decorated house... (God how I wish I had a house like that! *(I find myself always looking at (and drooling over) her gray/blue wall cabinet/shelf unit at all her objet d\'art pieces, which, by the way, changes alot in case you didn\'t notice.

    Oh, and those gorgeous African Art Wood Statues! Just beautiful! Even when the ladies go to their restaurants to hang out, the decor there is fabulous... Who designs this set (and would they please come and re-design my house, LOL?)

    The four girls here are so much fun to hang with, and Reggie Hayes is fun too! I truly hope this show goes on for a very long time!
  • One of the best black comedy on today.

    I absolutely love this show. No wonder the new network picked it up. It\'s amazing; the cast is great, the storylines are wonderful, and their comedic timing is perfect. If there was ever a show to rave or go crazy over, this is the one. There are not to many other shows on like it. And for that reason it shines like gold. Noone can copy a show of this magnitude; it simply has to be. Surely this show was blessed by heaven to be such a wonderful gift to the world. I don\'t know what I would do if it were to leave me now.
  • "Love" is the only word i can use to describe "Girlfriends"

    Each Monday at 8:00 pm cent time three of my B.F.E (Best friends Ever) and myself sit down with a bowl of popcorn and four glasses of pinto, and watch \"Girlfriends\". We LOVE this show, never have i seen a TV show that inspires me in all aspects in life: Fashion, Love, Family, Friends and so much more. Seeing four strong BLACK FEMALES, reflected in a positive light is a great and important statment, and i feel that there should be more shows like it. The fact that a TV show starring an all black female cast and is going into there 6th season (and still going strong)is a amazing triumph for an extra amazing show!!!
  • I must say Girlfriends is the best show ever to watch! I beats any other show

    I must say Girlfriends is the best show ever to watch! From the first episode to the season finale since the show as been on as been magnificant to watch. To see a African American show with women dealing with everyday situation was something i can relate to. One thing i hope is that this show continue and not re-runs because the season finale just cannot end the way it did, but it was a great episode to watch.
  • My favorite show on TV

    I love the way this show portrays African American women - in different ways. Contrary to popular belief, there is no \"typical black female,\" and this show sets out to disprove that myth. The four women on this show have their own individual, unique looks and personalities. And between the four of them comes a lot of comedy, drama, and everyday situations that a lot of women (and some men, like me) can relate to. Whether it\'s single motherhood, dating married men, divorce, sexual liberation, catching a vunereal disease, marriage, remarriage, racism, classism, sexism, or cheating on your spouse, this show covers a broad list of topics facing women of all races and ages. It\'s really interesting to see how the characters grow on this show, and how their careers, friends, and situations affect the relationships that they indulge in.
  • Excellent show that we need to get on DVD!!!!

    Hello everyone! Please help in getting this wonderful show released on DVD! Sign the petition ( and have your friends sign it too! Also, please email Executive Producer Kelsey Grammer about this issue (! We have to get this show on DVD as soon as possible. I think it is terrible that they have disclaimers on about it before they run it in the afternoon and that its time has been bumped (at least in my neck of the woods) to 5:00 pm! Who\'s out there who can really watch the show at that time? I personally am a big fan of having my favorite shows on DVD for all time and I think you should all join in the crusade with me! If you don\'t email Kelsey Grammer or get on the band wagon with me to search for Paramount Television contacts, than AT LEAST sign the petition ASAP! Thanks guys!
  • Could someone please email me at and let me know the nae of the song or the singer for Toni and Todds wedding when Toni was walking down the aisle. I just saw the re-run lastnight and fell in love with it. Thank you.

    I have many favorite episodes of Girlfriends but my all time favorite I just so happend to see lastnihgt on a re-run of Toni and Todds wedding and again the song played for Toni was beautiful. I just really need to find out who it is by and would appreciate it if someone would help me out. I disliked the fact that as usual Joan is jealous of someone else\\\'s happiness even if it was her best frined but I am truly addicted to this show and cannot stop watching it. I am a hoping someone out there knows the answer to my question.
  • I find Girlfriends to be more than a little entertaining. As a guy, I love to see women being independent, added that to the wittyness humanness of the story lines, I greatly enjoy the show for its real life dramas.

    Hi, Let me first say I love the show !
    Previously though, I NEVER wanted to watch it, but prefered to watch reruns of Seinfeld, or any other show on at the time, as I was turned off by Toni! I mean she\\\'s ugly! Yet every episode or so, we are being led to think she is \\\"fine\\\". What a laugh! Now that I forced myself to look past her absolutely poor example of what a beautiful woman should look like, I find am enjoying the show.
    I guess what I am saying is the writers and director should get her, and other characters on the show to stop refering to her as \\\"fine\\\" or \\\"beautiful\\\", because she\\\'s neither !
    Lynn; now there\\\'s a beautiful girl !!!
  • They remind me sooo much of me and my friends

    They are the perfect example of a female frindship in todays society. Joan represents all the women who just can't seem to find Mr. Right, even though every other aspect of their lives is on top. Toni is the one who represents the women who are using their money and status to cover their painful childhood.
  • My four girls tracy, persia, jill, golden play Joan, Lhyn,Tony, and Mia respectively . Sassy, brassy and totally fun, as the live, play and fight. its crazy watching them as strong minded and livid african american women. and reggie as william, a totoally

    Great show i hate missing something that went on in there lives it crazy. i actually care!!! Every season has brought some thing great.joan, tony , mia and lhyn are great the chemistry and the trust a great cast. And a stong show that you actually want to know about. one of the best comedies out there.
  • This show use to be very good. I watch the re-runs but it has lost something.

    I really enjoyed the show especially seasons 2 & 3. But things have been going badly the last 2 years. The writing and something I can't really explain. Change happens but it has been to quick and things are left not explained. Joan & William for instant Joan has gone on too several men non of them lasting. Toni belongs with her husband. And Maya & Darnell need to be in on-going couseling and poor Lynn doesn't even free float anymore. She seems more lost than ever. William is the man here. He seems to be the only one with any stability.
  • TIGHT!!

    This show is tight. The comedy is good. The acting is good. The PLOT/story is good too.
    This show is about 4 girlfriends that well hangout and help each other through problems. This show is one of da best on tv. I dont see why some people dont like this show. I wish it could stay on for a long time.
  • Show could\'ve been overall a little better.

    When I frist saw promos for this show on UPN here in New York I said to myself this show seems to be stupid, a show about 4 ladies acting loose. I said to myself I would never watch a show like this. To me surprise I\'ve become interested in this show. However only the episodes that don\'t portray this women as whores. I liked the episode in which Toni and Joan broke up, the one where Donnie Mcclurklin guest starred on, of course Toni\'s wedding and other episode that didn\'t show Joan sleeping with different men. I think that\'s tacky. I know some will say oh, its just t.v, but realize our youth really admire, no practically worship the lifestyles of celebrities they watch on t.v and think that if they do it even though its acting, its cool. I just felt the show would\'ve been better overall if they would have made it sort of a family-high moral type programming.
  • Used to be good!

    I came into this show doing its hiatus of re-run seasons a few years back and I became an instant fan, until recently.

    Althouth, I believe that Girlfriends is just the black version of HBO's Sex and the City.....I still love it, because I can identify with it.

    The show centers around four freinds and the up and down's in the friendships and personal relaionships with men.

    The show was very entertaining during it's earlier years, but from season five and six I truly believe that the show has lost it's way.

    Overall, a great show that has lost it's way.
  • This show had real excitment especially in seasons 2 & 3 then it started to go downhill. Bad writing bad plots.

    It was really interesting during the 2nd & 3rd season then it seems that the writers did not know what to do and began writing confusing and incomplete scripts. I would love to see them fix all of these marriages. No friendship or marriage is perfect but it would be nice to see people grow to the point they can learn without so much crap in between.
    It is no where as good as it was. It has lost something.
  • it's an ok show. Its not funny and uses old humor to try and spice up the show.

    Does anyone know the song that Toni walks down the aisle to at her wedding? All I know is that the lyrics go \\\"or have i found my soulmate\\\". PLEASE email me if you know the title/artist to that song. Ive been searching for it for months and i cant find it anwhere.
  • Love it!

    I love this show. Although lately, some people have been debating on the way the show has been going, I feel the show is doing fine. The ladies are evolving and if you can't except change, then there's no point in watching the show. This show is brilliant. The writing is excellent and the story lines are entertaining and hilarious. I will continue to watch "Girlfriends", and I encourage anyone who is looking for some prime time fun to tune in as well. This show gives you an inside look at four African American women, trying to succeed in life; and better yet, they do it in comedy and style. This is a classic, and one of my favorites.
  • I've read the other reviews and I have to say that I disagree with the comments about the show going downhill, and I have good reason......

    First of all, the show is not "The Brady Bunch". It is a representation of the bond of friendship between four African American women. This show humanizes the experiences of the African American woman. Toni, Lynn, Mya and Joan represents the different triats of different types of Affrican American women. As you know, the lives of African American women are not "Brady Bunch" like, they go through a lot and I think this show captures that beautifully. There are ups and downs and the fact that these four different personalities can come together and form such a strong bond is remarkable. Another aspect of the show that works is the characters of William and Darnell. Although they are very different as far as education, career and social status, they share identical views that comes from the African American man. I like that they're bring in Darnell in a lot more this season. I like that the show attack real issues and that they don't sugar-coat anything. This "negativity" that the show is going through is identical to the ones we go through in our own lives, and like our lives, it does not stay that way forever. Be patient, things will get happier soon. :-)
  • This show could be better. It more of a soap opera than a sitcom.

    There is too much drama in this show. It is full of nothing. Jone like William and vice versa. Tony is a snob. Mya has relationship issuse. And Lyn has issuse. It is nothing new. It is too predictable. Most of the time is is not even funny at all. I suprised the show lasted as long as it did.
  • This is my absolute favorite show. I can relate in some ways to all of the main actresses.

    This is my all-time favorite show. If I had known it existed sooner, I would have gotten cable a long time ago! (I just got cable toward the end of 2004). The humor is extremely witty and seems to come naturally to the actresses and actors in this show. Whoever picked the cast was very good-the girls and guys are perfect for their roles. They seem to "be" who they portray in this show. The incidents in this show are believable and it is about time that a show for black women was made. This show is perfect-my fiancee doesn't even mind watching it with me, which is not usual because he usually doesn't like my selection of shows/programs, such as Lifetime movie network. I am surprised that this show does not come on at a better time on the WB-it doesn't come on until 11:30pm. This show is a definite 10.
  • This was once a very good show. But lately or for the last year the writing has been awful.

    This was a good show at one point. But last season and especially this season the show has been a big disappointment. Marriages breaking up without being given a fair chance. Lynn having a near breakdown over a jerk like Finn and then getting involved with Jennifer. Toni cursing at the baby. Joan be put into other peoples business while her own fails. Maya & Darnell needs couseling and all of these families need to be together there are problems all over. But the producers & writers choice the easy way out. William is the most stable & at times is the only one who appears to be level headed at all.
  • I LUV IT. It is soo funny. I wish I had great friends like these.

    I LUV IT. It is soo funny. I wish I had great friends like these. Some of the humor is like "oh god, I can't believe they just said that!" but a lot of it is just hilarious. My friends and I have an inside joke about condiments based off a joke from this show!
  • This is one of the hottest shows on TV. These women have real life situations that we all can relate too in someway.

    This show is my personal favorite. The cast are funny, great actors/actresses. When the show first aired, I watched briefly, I thought it was "corny" so I watched other shows. However; I came back to it and I love it. I can relate to these women in almost every situation aired. I don't think the show gets properly recognized. I hope to meet the cast someday. Thanks K.Grammar and all of the cast for giving me something to look forward too, and watch with my family!!!

    I was introduced to the show by my daughter. Who loves the show! I would like to see the show produce both possitive as well as negative, that way they won't burn out so soon! I hope to see the show go for the long hall and maybe see a spin off!!! I wish the best to all of the cast! Oh yes....I would like to see William prosper more than he is!
  • Please go back to the original plan when Joan had a real life and a job, when Mya wasn\\\'t acting foolish with her husband. It was stupid for Tony to treat Todd so badly? No gay content it\\\'s prime time.The ladies got silly and are losing, it. I love W

    I used to love and look foward to the show. Please save the show. I am still keeping hope alive. Lynn needs to get a job. The show used to be a 10 now it\\\'s leaning towards a 6. We need to see more positive things happen, kids are watching.
  • A dynamite show!

    Hi, Friends:
    I think “Girlfriends” is a hip, relevant sit-com. More often than not, all the cast is “hitting their mark” with good chemistry. “Girlfriends” flows smoothly from one scene to another, providing me with laughs at every turn!
    I like Joan’s expressive voice, mature good looks, and sometimes motherly ways. Maya is sexy and always expresses her opinions with verve. Lynn is the cutest, and I oftentimes wish the writers and producer would more fully develop her character. Jill is a trip with her doctor/husband! And, William cracks me up sometimes when he’s forced deal with these chicks!
    My opinion: A thoroughly professional and well-done sit-com! Many thanks to the Cast and the creators of the show.
  • Joan has a new boyfriend who is very active in the bedroom. But she searches his medicine cabinet convinced that she he is taking Viagara.

    This whole story with Todd & Toni and the custody battle is terrible. I really hoped that Toni would become responsible and grow up at least some but it's the same mess. William gave good advice and a forwarning "Todd's a good person and well you're..." he knew in court that if the right people were to come she would be buried alive. I hate that the family unit has been broken down like this and that this character has gone from bad to worst.
  • This show is great, hope it never ends. I have four girlfriends for life.

    This show is smart and funny. I look at these four women as my girlfriends, and every monday night is our night out. The topics presented are those that all women are faced with and it shows their triumphs and faults all while making you laugh. I love this show and I hope it will be around for many more years.
  • Four female friends ( and a guy) interact in varying degrees of life and friendship...

    I love this show. In fact I can't get enough of it. I watch it over and over and still see new things. I can honestly say that I have watched the characters grow and that is one thing that I am enjoying about this new season.

    I like the way that the characters are being "fleshed out" and that they are dealing with more serious issues. I like when shows do this. It helps to keep them fresh. A comedy can be a little more "serious" for a season and still be a comedy and still entertain.

  • This show was once refreshing and enjoyable, easy to relate too. But over the last season and especially this one I now feel that it should have wrapped everything up last season.

    After what has been put on this season I now firmly believe that it should have ended nicely last season with the possiblility of television specials. The writing is awful and they are unable or unwilling to correct alot of the things that have gone wrong. They seem concern only with the opinions of themselves or certain viewers which is sad becuase without the other viewers they probably would not be on television. This show has turned into a disgrace a mother cussing out a newborn and making threats this has been done but Toni is the type of person you believe would act on it. To be benefactors of different organizations especially with & for children then to do this is sending a conflicting message! This is comedic in no way whatsoever.
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