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  • I loved the show last night,it gets better each night,I didn't approve of Toni's techniques with the baby but if it works! I love Maya & Darnell, it's crazy living in separate apts,in the real world would be a waste of money. The Lynn lesbian thing needs

    I loved the last episode it was so amazing how Maya and Darnell finally got back together. It was the buzz on the radio and the workplace the next day, Girlfriends are doing their thang. I have nothing but love for the show! It is going to be interesting to see how it play out with Joan and William because they do make a cute couple and it is time for a lasting relationship on the show.
  • Reagrding "Latching on and Lashing out". Maya and Darnell have problems but I think are capable of working things out.But Toni cussing out a new baby? This was stunning. I never saw her sinking to this.

    What I did not understand was the cussing out of a newborn. Poor Lynn is unable to come clean with Jennifer this is not going well. The only thing worth watching was Maya and Darnell and it was so ecslipse by other non-sense until it was not half funny. After the baby was cussed out that did it for me.
  • Grlfriends is about a four black sucessful women living in Los Angeles: Joan Clayton, Maya Wilkes, Lynn Searcy, and Toni Childs. Also, there is Reggie Hayes.

    Girlfriends, in my opinion, is really good. I love all of the characters. I think they portray there characters really well. I love Tracee Ellis Ross, Golden Brooks, Persia White, Jill Marie Jones, and Reggie Hayes. I think the show would not be the same without these five characters. I think they show the lives of hard working people. They go through everything; relationships, friendships and everything. But, mostly relationships. I think that this show will come back every season with something good. I love the show in short. I think that my favorite character on Girlfriends would be Lynn. I think my favoite character out of Joan, Maya, Toni, Lynn, and William would be Lynn because she is really weird. Or in other words different. She brings something different to the show. That is why I like her.

  • More drama in this dramedy, than comedy!

    This show went from a hilarious show, into a decent show only because the fact that the writers aren\'t putting any comdey in this dramedy. I love this show, don\'t get me wrong. But lately, I haven\'t been getting REAL good laughs out of it. And also, the show seems like it\'s confusing. One episode it\'s all about one thing and it\'s like a cliff-hanger episode and then the next episode there is a new plot. But I\'m not giving up on this show though. It\'s only the beginning of the season and I have hopes for this show to improve. I\'ll continue watching every Monday night!
  • It’s about time a show like this is here, I feel like there my own girlfriends. I love it!

    Girlfriends is such a great TV show! It show exactly how real girlfriends are- some have a great career, some are struggling for that great career, some have just a job, and some are still trying to figure it all out. However at the end of the day, their financial status does not define their circle of friends, the bottom line is, they are girlfriends who are there for each other, no matter what. What ever your economic status, women in general go through the same ups and downs life throws at you, and men especially put us through enough, so it’s nice to know your girlfriends will be there for you. I love this show!
  • Great Show >>>

    Girlfriends is about 4 ladies going through different hardships, in this show we have seen cheating,hook-ups,break-ups,birth, and more but these girls get through. This is a great show for guys, in the long run it is just very entertaining for both genders,still going strong, Girlfriends is set to bring more surprises for the future.
  • Perfect show, great topics.

    I love this show, i wish i had girlfriends that i can hang out with. I also love the fact that Mya and Darnell are back together. I personally don't think William and Joan belong together as a couple, they are more like brother and sister they are too much alike to be in a relationship. They are both corky, and very funny. Joan is better with that guy that played Sean from the first season, or Malik Yoba.
  • Girlfriends is a straight up funny show. You could watch reruns and still laugh as if it was the first time you've every seen it. Whos makes it funny is Golden Brooks. She's the main one who makes me laugh. She knows how to say a funny line just right.

    Girlfriends is a straight up funny show. You could watch reruns and still laugh as if it was the first time you've every seen it. Whos makes it funny is Golden Brooks. She's the main one who makes me laugh. She knows how to say a funny line just right to make you laugh.
  • Repetitive?

    Girlfriends at it's start was a funny show that delievered laughs with a group of friends' antics. But now it's just another show with a few better jokes than most. Sadly this show was gotten into a cycle like a lot of shows do after two seasons these days. Every episode Joan has a new idea and one of her friends is either breaking up or is getting back together with someone. In other's boring! Why can't couples stay together? Why is Lynn so crazy? Why is Joan...Joan? These elements would've gotten this show off the air during the golden years of TV. Don't get me wrong the reruns still crack me up.
  • It's time when I like and dislike the show.

    And mainly when I dislike the show it's only the older episodes. The new episodes get better and better with more insightment and dialouge. This is a show that I can watch and I'm a teenager. But I grow up on black shows so this should be nothing new to you people :). I watch this show whenever I can and I just like it. Now when the new shows start coming better believe I'm watching it.
  • stop the hypocrisy

    Girlfriend could be a good TV SHOW if only they could stop being so hypocrite
    How in the world they call LYNN black, i do not know, because if she is black then what the heck am i?
    and even those who are supposed to be black do not really look that black. It is really hard for the dark one
    Girlfriend really emhasizes the fact that black women in America do not like to be dark
    And then, here we have Tony having a baby with GOOD HAIR. what the hell does that mean?
    Seriously people stop with that. You have a baby with somebody because you love the person not because of the color of his skin
    Would that kill them to actually put dark skin people on that TV SHOW since it supposed to be about black
  • This show is about how much women are really close to there friends and act like they are family. How they can rely on them through thick and thin. They can tell each other anything and it says between them. How they can share there personal lives with ea

    This show is really great it is an inspiration to me. I wish I had a friendship like they do. How they can share anything with each other and be comfortable telling one another. How there are different personalities in a freindship. Like the sucessful independent one, the outspoken one, the self observe one, and the one trying to get there life together.It takes inside of a real women friendship. How the difficult marriages and relatonships they get into and how girlfriends are supposed to be. It shows you close the bound is between women.So you would enjoy this show.
  • The show is about four black women who deal with everyday life but include lots of humor that attracts it's viewers!

    I see every episode! i think this show is awesome and everyone who watches it will enjoy it! i think the characters will get you interested in what they want to express. This show gets the older audience more interested which i think is great! this is a show an older family can watch! the humor is definetly my favorite part of the show!
  • I LOVE GIRLFRIENDS! The girls on Girlfriends have become "my" girlfriends over the years.

    I live in Canada and I have been watching Girlfriends for a few years now. Especially since BET has started to air it. Girlfriends is such an awesome show. In one episode you may laugh, cry, get fustrated or actually stop and think about the hidden messages the show is trying to ... well show you. Within each season you can see the changes in the characters and their lives. You can "grow" with them. And for that I believe that the show will go on as long as Friends (or I really hope it does).
  • It's hilarious!

    I love this show. Eventhough most of the cast is female it's still intresting to watch. I love how each character is different. Toni- obsessed with herself. Lynn- undicaplined. Maya- knows everyone. William- loyal in a weird way. Joan- Tries too hard.
    Each character is funny in their own way. I reccomend girlfriends

    girlfriends is one of my all time favorites cuzz i could just sit back and watch Joan,Tony,Maya,Lynn,&williams have a blast! girlfriends is one of my true personal favorites cuz it expresses the likes of true ppl expressing there thought and sharing secreats love and also hatred girlfriends is a show of laughter and love!!
  • Great Time Slot, Great Cast, Great Show.

    It’s often referenced as the African American version of Sex and the City. Whether you agree of disagree, the poll always rolls in that UPN’s Girlfriends is definitely a network hit worth watching.

    Admittedly, the first season launched itself at a snail’s pace. It was difficult to find substance in the initial episodes that focused on sex, and the lack of. Not to mention the constant plight into Joan Clayton’s inner most thoughts or pang of guilt. It was like a bad version of Herman’s Head on overdrive. And perhaps the producers caught on.

    It wasn’t long before viewers could rest assured that an episode of Girlfriends would be just that – all Girlfriends without the clutter of indulging yourself in Joan’s latest brain wave. And I thank the producers dearly for that wise omission.

    The characters of Joan Clayton, Antoinette “Toni” Childs, Maya Wilkes and Lynn Searcy are all well developed – and easy to relate to. And don’t forget William Dent, the honorary girlfriend that always manages to stick around and keep the show grounded with a male point of view.

    As the show enters into Syndication, it’s interesting to look back upon the earlier episodes and identify how each character has evolved whether it’s for the better or for the worse. Happily ever after has no room on the Girlfriends roster – at least not right now. Save that for the Series Finale. Right now, this is a show that isn’t afraid to deal with real-life issues (i.e. AIDS, STD’s, and Divorce) while adding a pinch of drama to the plate to make it tasty. With each season Girlfriends entertains the viewers with better episodes and meatier plots. And though it might be hard to believe – even Toni seems to find the ability to fall deeper in love with herself as the show grows older.

    Whatever the fact, this is a show about relationships, friendship and finding contentment out of this thing called life. And who better to share such a journey with than your, Girlfriends.
  • A show about four very different friends and the experiences they go through!

    This show is very funny and creative. I love the character Joan because she reminds me of one of my best friends. It reminds me of the humor you find in Living Single without copying it. It's a great show and I'm glad that it is now on it's 5th season.
  • Girlfriends is a great show. I hope in the next season Joan and William hook up and Maya and Darnell hook back up and Toni leaves her husband because she really dont love him any more and Lynn finds her self a man. Girlfriends is an awesome show.

    I love this show. Now I am going to be honest with you. When it first came out I didnt like the show, but now I love the Show. The girls are great actors and they all look good. I just love the way Maya says....\"O HELL NO\"!!!. This show is great!!!!!!!1
  • I love Girlfriends!

    Girlfriends is like the best show ever! I love how the show is funny and approaching real life situations that happen to women of all races. I also like how they're are always there for eachother through happy times and bad times. They don't give up on eachother but they tell eachother the truth even when the truth can be hurtful at times. I also like the character Tony, she is so funny and I know there are a lot of women like Tony. It seemed like Tony grew mentally throughout the series. There are alot of women out there like Joan, Mya, Lynn, and crazy Tony. Great show.
  • Good

    I like this show alot cause it gives me everything i want to see its very good and something i like to watch this show has good and bad point about it but its ultimatly good entertainment for me and my friends and family it i think its a good show with informative and insightful situations that people can relate to in there own way , This is a show that i caould watch without flipping the station to find what else is on , i recommend anyone to atleast watch it once to see if they like it like i do
  • This show is about 4 single women trying to find a place in life. They are all funny and make the show very interesting. I love it and I recommend it to all of you who are reading this summary.

    This show is the bomb!!! I love it! At times you won't even beleive it's a show because it is so realistic!! Everyone could relate to at least 1 character on this show. I hope this show continues it's wonderful progress! I love it, I love it!! I hope you watch it, if you haven't seen it or continue to watch it because it is the BOMB!!
  • This show is just like Ciara's dancing, it is da bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    I think that this show should stay on for at least 7 seasons and hopefully another cause when u get to the count of it, you can always say that this show will give you laughs, drama, and crazed girls but that is how life is when you go to Los Angeles,CA!!!
  • Just Talking About About The Show And When I Went To Go See The Show

    This Show Is Funny I Mean When There Talking About Something On The Show Their Serious And Funny At The Same Time. I Watch The Show Everyday At 4 & 4:30 And On Modays At 9:00 To See The New Episodes But Can Wait until The New Season Starts Again. I Had Just Went To Go See One Of The New Episode And The One I Saw Was The Frist Episode Of The Season I Saw The Show At Pararmont Studios It Was Very Funny But I\'m Not Gonna Tell U About It. Your Just Gonna Have To Wait Util The New Season Starts
  • A candid and comedic look at 4 very different friends and how their lives are playe out because of their bond. Add in that one guy that can deal with the estrogen, and you have a great look at upwardly mobile, fun and educated African Americans.

    I slept on this show for the first 3 seasons. I don\'t even remember what I disliked about it. I think I referred to it as a Living Single knock-off; I missed Living Single, and there was no kind of replacement. After going away on business, being stuck in a hotel room and watching a marathon on BET, I was hooked. I watch re-runs every weekday and the new episodes on Mondays. Girlfriends is a positive, yet honest and REALISTIC look at the lives of African American women, whether they are educated, focused and driven or wandering to find themselves. This show doesn\'t play favorites. Everyone\'s success is a personal one, and celebrated amongst friends...GIRLFRIENDS!
  • Sex and the City meets Living Single

    My #1 show.I absolutely love this show. This show is so under-rated! It is one of the few I can relate to. I think it doesn\'t get the attention it deserves or the awards. The actress and actors are some of the best. Much respect to UPN and Kelsey Grammer.
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