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  • This show use to be very good. I watch the re-runs but it has lost something.

    I really enjoyed the show especially seasons 2 & 3. But things have been going badly the last 2 years. The writing and something I can't really explain. Change happens but it has been to quick and things are left not explained. Joan & William for instant Joan has gone on too several men non of them lasting. Toni belongs with her husband. And Maya & Darnell need to be in on-going couseling and poor Lynn doesn't even free float anymore. She seems more lost than ever. William is the man here. He seems to be the only one with any stability.
  • Where is Jill Marie Jones? The show does not click without her. My husband and I watched a program tonight without Jill and we missed her terribly. Do whatever you need to do to persuade Jill to return to the show. Thank you for your consideration.

    We watched the program which was aired on Monday, December 18, 2006. I do not have the title but it was about Mya wanting Joan to spend time at her home rather than going to Joan's home all the time.

    The acting was fair. The major problem is that Jill Marie Jones is not on the cast. I am afraid if Jill is not included in future productions, the show will be cancelled.

    I encourage you to do whatever is necessary to keep the program as we have all come to love it. We found it most difficult watching without Jill.
  • stop the hypocrisy

    Girlfriend could be a good TV SHOW if only they could stop being so hypocrite
    How in the world they call LYNN black, i do not know, because if she is black then what the heck am i?
    and even those who are supposed to be black do not really look that black. It is really hard for the dark one
    Girlfriend really emhasizes the fact that black women in America do not like to be dark
    And then, here we have Tony having a baby with GOOD HAIR. what the hell does that mean?
    Seriously people stop with that. You have a baby with somebody because you love the person not because of the color of his skin
    Would that kill them to actually put dark skin people on that TV SHOW since it supposed to be about black
  • I actually get into this show, but it isn't a very good role model of African American woman or men.

    The show is kind of hypocritical, they talk bad about anyone who isn't black or a Democrats, and that is judging people they don't know, which is like judging a black person based on their skin. They really are more of a stereotype of African Americans it seems. The one guy is always called a sellout because of how well he does and the way he acts, I thought the point of freedom was so people could act and be how they wanted, but they make him sound like a sellout because he has a good job, what message does that send to African American youth? I think some of the creators are white people, and they probably don't know about African American culture, it would be like me writing the show, I know slang and background, but I can't say I totally know African American culture. They make it seem like if the guy is a republican he is bad, so again they are judging a group based on a sterotype. The writers and creators have an ignornat view on all people it seems. The good points are the show has some really funny other jokes, and the characters interact well together. This would be a really good show if they didn't bog it down with agenda and propaganda against groups they don't like. They are always mocking or talking about someone that isn't good. The other good points are two of them are lawyers so they are successful which actually does show a positive image, and helps cover up the other negative images and steretypes that are in this show.
  • Jill Marie Jones

    I watched one of the new shows and was ready to turn the channel, Girlfriends to me is not the same without her and Joan trying to use Monica to replace was a complete flop. In every show there is a favorite actor/actress that everyone wants to see. I\\\'ve talked to others that watched the show before and feel also that the show is not the same anymore. Goodluck
  • Repetitive?

    Girlfriends at it's start was a funny show that delievered laughs with a group of friends' antics. But now it's just another show with a few better jokes than most. Sadly this show was gotten into a cycle like a lot of shows do after two seasons these days. Every episode Joan has a new idea and one of her friends is either breaking up or is getting back together with someone. In other's boring! Why can't couples stay together? Why is Lynn so crazy? Why is Joan...Joan? These elements would've gotten this show off the air during the golden years of TV. Don't get me wrong the reruns still crack me up.
  • It's time when I like and dislike the show.

    And mainly when I dislike the show it's only the older episodes. The new episodes get better and better with more insightment and dialouge. This is a show that I can watch and I'm a teenager. But I grow up on black shows so this should be nothing new to you people :). I watch this show whenever I can and I just like it. Now when the new shows start coming better believe I'm watching it.
  • I LUV IT. It is soo funny. I wish I had great friends like these.

    I LUV IT. It is soo funny. I wish I had great friends like these. Some of the humor is like "oh god, I can't believe they just said that!" but a lot of it is just hilarious. My friends and I have an inside joke about condiments based off a joke from this show!
  • My favorite show on TV

    I love the way this show portrays African American women - in different ways. Contrary to popular belief, there is no \"typical black female,\" and this show sets out to disprove that myth. The four women on this show have their own individual, unique looks and personalities. And between the four of them comes a lot of comedy, drama, and everyday situations that a lot of women (and some men, like me) can relate to. Whether it\'s single motherhood, dating married men, divorce, sexual liberation, catching a vunereal disease, marriage, remarriage, racism, classism, sexism, or cheating on your spouse, this show covers a broad list of topics facing women of all races and ages. It\'s really interesting to see how the characters grow on this show, and how their careers, friends, and situations affect the relationships that they indulge in.
  • Girlfriens and The Game shows!!

    Girlfriends: The show has taken a wrong turn and why is Joan so crazy? Lynn character is whacked! Mya was the best, don't mess her character up by damaging the Book career. Not good. The Game: Embarrasing, what Melanie is doing? That's so High School. Grown Women don't play childish games. Why have these shows taken a wrong turn, I don't get it? I thrived off these shows because the Women were Women and not little Girls. Now that Toni character is gone, it has taken a wrong turn and it's not nice or cool at all and why why
  • This show had real excitment especially in seasons 2 & 3 then it started to go downhill. Bad writing bad plots.

    It was really interesting during the 2nd & 3rd season then it seems that the writers did not know what to do and began writing confusing and incomplete scripts. I would love to see them fix all of these marriages. No friendship or marriage is perfect but it would be nice to see people grow to the point they can learn without so much crap in between.
    It is no where as good as it was. It has lost something.
  • Season 8 is making it impossible to watch every week. What's going on with the writer(s) of this show?

    As much as I enjoy watching the show for the purpose I'm an huge fan of Persia White seasons 7 and most of 8 sucks big time. I don't know where the chemistry went after season 6 but whose ever in charge need to bring it back. I love watching P. White at her finest in this show but at this rate I might go back to watching Monday night football, the writer(s) don't seem to be doing what it take to hold onto its audience. I read in several blogs where fans of girlfriends are losing interest in this show.
  • Lets Get Jill Marie Back on the Show!

    I used to love watching the show Girlfriends. Who let Jill Marie Jones leave the show. I thought the show was very humerous and exciting. Now, the show is dull and missing something. Its missing Jill Marie Jones. The show was about a crew of four women. The crew is now messed up because one of the women is gone. I know for a fact that many of friends don't watch Girlfriends at all anymore because they feel the same way I do. I believe that the shows ratings are going to decrease until Jill Marie Jones comes back to the show. Jill Marie Jones was my favorite character. Her character made the show interesting. She was the one with the flare, sassiness, and attitude. Now the show is just dull. I think changes need to be made.Lets get Jill Marie back on the show.
  • This show is missing Toni. It's a good show but it use to be a great show.

    This show is missing the full ingredience, Toni. It\'s not complete unless she comes back. Make it happen. How could she leave this important show. This is the only Africian-American show that addresses all the issues in everyday life. It helps our community to have a boader prospective on issues that needs to addressed. This show was a 10 in my ratings. It\'s not too late. Bring back Toni. Diversity is always good in a show.
  • Bring Toni back, keep Monica, and lose the personal trainer!

    I am a fan of Girlfriends but it went down to me when Toni was longer apart of the group. You can tell that it's missing something. I hope that the creators don't think that Monica's character makes it better because it doesn't. I personally hope that the creators don't try to ease the personal trainer in on the slide. Why can't they just bring Toni back? Girlfriends use to be my favorite show and now it's just another show. I think that they should just go back to the original. Bring Toni back, keep Monica, and lose the personal trainer because she's not funny.
  • This show could be better. It more of a soap opera than a sitcom.

    There is too much drama in this show. It is full of nothing. Jone like William and vice versa. Tony is a snob. Mya has relationship issuse. And Lyn has issuse. It is nothing new. It is too predictable. Most of the time is is not even funny at all. I suprised the show lasted as long as it did.
  • Please go back to the original plan when Joan had a real life and a job, when Mya wasn\\\'t acting foolish with her husband. It was stupid for Tony to treat Todd so badly? No gay content it\\\'s prime time.The ladies got silly and are losing, it. I love W

    I used to love and look foward to the show. Please save the show. I am still keeping hope alive. Lynn needs to get a job. The show used to be a 10 now it\\\'s leaning towards a 6. We need to see more positive things happen, kids are watching.
  • I loved girlfriends until they lost Tony and switched stations and now in the TV graveyard...shhh, I didn't say that,lol. But this show isn't the same. Even this picture with the three of them, they look lost and incomplete. Still love them though.

    I loved the combination of girlfriends with Tony in the mix. This new addition Monica, isn't quite the right fit. I do not like the acting in this show. Sh e is also not right for William at all. Although fictional, it would be nice if it flowed. Monica is too (uppity) for William It's in her walk, her talk, her mannerisms. She's rigid. A wonderful actress but too big for this part. She looks like she belongs on Dynasty or something more showing her in a dynamic way. She is too pwerful an actress for this part.
  • Used to be good!

    I came into this show doing its hiatus of re-run seasons a few years back and I became an instant fan, until recently.

    Althouth, I believe that Girlfriends is just the black version of HBO's Sex and the City.....I still love it, because I can identify with it.

    The show centers around four freinds and the up and down's in the friendships and personal relaionships with men.

    The show was very entertaining during it's earlier years, but from season five and six I truly believe that the show has lost it's way.

    Overall, a great show that has lost it's way.
  • Love it!

    I love this show. Although lately, some people have been debating on the way the show has been going, I feel the show is doing fine. The ladies are evolving and if you can't except change, then there's no point in watching the show. This show is brilliant. The writing is excellent and the story lines are entertaining and hilarious. I will continue to watch "Girlfriends", and I encourage anyone who is looking for some prime time fun to tune in as well. This show gives you an inside look at four African American women, trying to succeed in life; and better yet, they do it in comedy and style. This is a classic, and one of my favorites.
  • This is a pretty good show.

    This show is pretty good. It was sad when Tony was out of the show I wonder if she will make an appearence again in Girlfriends. Season one just went out on DVD. The show has changed a lot they are all growing up and looking a little bit different. When Darnell and Mya got back together it was great bcause they are so cute together. Do you know what happened to Monica and William? I saw the wedding episode but I didn't see the part that said what happened if they get back together or not if you know please tell me
  • More drama in this dramedy, than comedy!

    This show went from a hilarious show, into a decent show only because the fact that the writers aren\'t putting any comdey in this dramedy. I love this show, don\'t get me wrong. But lately, I haven\'t been getting REAL good laughs out of it. And also, the show seems like it\'s confusing. One episode it\'s all about one thing and it\'s like a cliff-hanger episode and then the next episode there is a new plot. But I\'m not giving up on this show though. It\'s only the beginning of the season and I have hopes for this show to improve. I\'ll continue watching every Monday night!
  • cant stop....

    ashow that truely looks at the lives... loves and losses of the four women...mya (golden brookes)... lynn (persia white)... tony (jill marie jones)... and of course joan (tracie ellis ross).... i myself love girlfriends... its good to finally see black women being portrayed as real women with real problems and not like a shanique with blue or red hair and long stupid nails.... this show is all about sassiness... their fisty and hard working women... a lot like sex in the city but not so much sex involved just a lot of talk... i always watch this.... its great and entertaining.... exspecially if ur in for the weekend... its a good comforter...recommend to people who love sex and the city... xxx becci
  • A show about four very different friends and the experiences they go through!

    This show is very funny and creative. I love the character Joan because she reminds me of one of my best friends. It reminds me of the humor you find in Living Single without copying it. It's a great show and I'm glad that it is now on it's 5th season.
  • It's a great show and believe I love the show but it's preety much past it's prime....

    Who doesn't love this show?

    People who aren't able to give this show what it deserves:
    A CHANCE!!

    But I did and look at me now.......

    I'm an can tell by my picture.

    The concept changes throughout the show:

    first, it was about Joan

    then, then it was about all four of them.

    and now, it's sbout Toni not being there.
    She just vanished. That's just one thing I don't like about it that the concept changes very much.

    It should have ended on Season 7 because basically the series was about Joan finding a good man and she did.

    Also when everyone (exception of Toni) showed up and suprised her at her propasol.

    The writing, the acting, and the plots are beyond phenomenal.

    Hands down on that!
  • Girlfriends stars four African-American girlfriends and their friend William. Each girl is from different walks of life and the show progresses and is written pretty well which makes the show very refreshing to watch. I give it 2 thumbs up.

    Initially when I saw the first couple of episodes, I thought that the show was going to be the same typically back woman mantra of being a b**** or somebody making a million inferences to how they had to come out the ghetto to get where they are and what not which isn't a bad thing, but every now and then an individual would like to hear somebody else story and this show offers 4 women with 4 different points of view who are still friends. There is Joan, who is the career woman always aiming for success in life. There is Lynn, whose talented but most definitely the free-spirited one of the show and therefore has problems planting her feet in one place. There is Mya, who had a child as a teenager but has come very far in her life, and then there is Miss Toni Childs, who is about as comically shallow as one can get despite the fact that she comes from humble beginnings. An to kind of balance it out, there is William who brings the male point of view to the show. I love the way the show progresses and that includes the lives of the characters in the show. They go through things that gives them growth which makes the show refreshing to watch. No matter who you are, I would recommend you tune in to watch @ least once, because I believe it is a really good show.
  • i really like the sires of girlfriend they are full of drama,and their are like every other friend out there in the world.

    i like girlfriends,the sires. it tells you each charter,a selfish girl who loves money(toni), a women who is freaky and most of the time talk about sex, and living in friends home(lynn), woman who had a baby at a young age and is married (mya), and now a woman who ruien every relationship she gets with a man (joan).also they have a male friend who is always around if they need him or not. this comedy,drama really tells you an everyday thing between friends. you can also learn from it. thats why im happy they are doing another season. girlfriends.
  • I find Girlfriends to be more than a little entertaining. As a guy, I love to see women being independent, added that to the wittyness humanness of the story lines, I greatly enjoy the show for its real life dramas.

    Hi, Let me first say I love the show !
    Previously though, I NEVER wanted to watch it, but prefered to watch reruns of Seinfeld, or any other show on at the time, as I was turned off by Toni! I mean she\\\'s ugly! Yet every episode or so, we are being led to think she is \\\"fine\\\". What a laugh! Now that I forced myself to look past her absolutely poor example of what a beautiful woman should look like, I find am enjoying the show.
    I guess what I am saying is the writers and director should get her, and other characters on the show to stop refering to her as \\\"fine\\\" or \\\"beautiful\\\", because she\\\'s neither !
    Lynn; now there\\\'s a beautiful girl !!!
  • This show is about 4 single women trying to find a place in life. They are all funny and make the show very interesting. I love it and I recommend it to all of you who are reading this summary.

    This show is the bomb!!! I love it! At times you won't even beleive it's a show because it is so realistic!! Everyone could relate to at least 1 character on this show. I hope this show continues it's wonderful progress! I love it, I love it!! I hope you watch it, if you haven't seen it or continue to watch it because it is the BOMB!!
  • Girlfriends is one of the best comedies ever!

    Telling the stories of the lives of four women as they struggle through life, work, love, and family, Girlfriends is a one of a kind show. The writing is quite entertaining and funny. The acting is amazing, with each actor and actress giving top-notch performances. Watching this show is quite a delight, as it doesn't fall into the conventions of TV and actually stays true to the real aspects of the lives of real women in modern society. The problems dealt with on the show are quite realistic and thus entertaining. Girlfriends is one of the best comedies on television.
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