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  • Girlfriends stars four African-American girlfriends and their friend William. Each girl is from different walks of life and the show progresses and is written pretty well which makes the show very refreshing to watch. I give it 2 thumbs up.

    Initially when I saw the first couple of episodes, I thought that the show was going to be the same typically back woman mantra of being a b**** or somebody making a million inferences to how they had to come out the ghetto to get where they are and what not which isn't a bad thing, but every now and then an individual would like to hear somebody else story and this show offers 4 women with 4 different points of view who are still friends. There is Joan, who is the career woman always aiming for success in life. There is Lynn, whose talented but most definitely the free-spirited one of the show and therefore has problems planting her feet in one place. There is Mya, who had a child as a teenager but has come very far in her life, and then there is Miss Toni Childs, who is about as comically shallow as one can get despite the fact that she comes from humble beginnings. An to kind of balance it out, there is William who brings the male point of view to the show. I love the way the show progresses and that includes the lives of the characters in the show. They go through things that gives them growth which makes the show refreshing to watch. No matter who you are, I would recommend you tune in to watch @ least once, because I believe it is a really good show.
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