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  • I actually get into this show, but it isn't a very good role model of African American woman or men.

    The show is kind of hypocritical, they talk bad about anyone who isn't black or a Democrats, and that is judging people they don't know, which is like judging a black person based on their skin. They really are more of a stereotype of African Americans it seems. The one guy is always called a sellout because of how well he does and the way he acts, I thought the point of freedom was so people could act and be how they wanted, but they make him sound like a sellout because he has a good job, what message does that send to African American youth? I think some of the creators are white people, and they probably don't know about African American culture, it would be like me writing the show, I know slang and background, but I can't say I totally know African American culture. They make it seem like if the guy is a republican he is bad, so again they are judging a group based on a sterotype. The writers and creators have an ignornat view on all people it seems. The good points are the show has some really funny other jokes, and the characters interact well together. This would be a really good show if they didn't bog it down with agenda and propaganda against groups they don't like. They are always mocking or talking about someone that isn't good. The other good points are two of them are lawyers so they are successful which actually does show a positive image, and helps cover up the other negative images and steretypes that are in this show.