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  • Girlfriends are about 4 african american women living in Los Angeles, this show is great! You get the best elements of a good show, once you watch it you'll be hooked!

    I have to admit that when Girlfriends first came on I did not care for this show. But after a few shows I absoulutely loved it, and now I can't stop watching it. Everyday I have to watch it. I was dissapointed when Toni(Jill Marie Jones)
    left the show, because Toni whether you like her or not, she gives the show a spunk. I still watch the show but without Toni it feels like something is missing. I also heard about the producers trying to replace Toni, but nobody can play Toni like Jill Marie Jones could. All in all I love Girlfriends and im so excited that they put it on dvd so I can watch it anytime I want!