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  • This show keeps us single girls going and let's us know there is hope out there! And more importantly it provides the bond that we all need as females!

    I know it's a little late to comment but I just joined the Lounge (lol)! So glad the Toni Childs character is gone! Joan was not responsible for Toni's life-Toni made her own decisions and should have to take responsibility for those choices and actions! Joan didn't owe Toni sh-! And it's sad that other people thought Joan did owe Toni something!I was so sick and tired of the show beating that dead horse-if Toni wanted to go, then let her go! The addition of Kesha Sharpe is good enough for me-she rocks! Would love to see Reggie Hayes on Broadway-he seems a true thespian! He's incrible and I love what his character represents-great role model! Would love to see this show continue! Joan is so corky, but I love her character! Would love to see even more Girlfriends/Boyfriends added to the show!