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  • Girlfriends is the best show to come along in a very long time. Maya, Toni, Joan, Lynn, Monica, William, Darnell, Jabari are all great actors. There will never be another show like Girlfriends

    Girlfriends has been cancelled. Only 13 episodes have been shot and they have all been aired. Even though the writers strike is over, The CW will not put Girlfriends back on for the remaining 9 episodes and they will not give Girlfriends a Series finale. The creator of Girlfriends is trying to get something done for Girlfriends but has no luck yet. I urge all fans of Girlfriends to call the following numbers to complain about the cancellation: 1-818-977-2525 (Dawn Ostroff, President of Entertainment (CW); 1-818-977-2537 (Traci Blackwell, Director of Current Entertainment (CW); 1-323-575-2380 (Nancy Tellem, President of CBS Paramount Network) or email Nancy Tellem at Please no matter what don't give up on Girlfriends. We fans have to do all we can to try to get Girlfriends back. The fans of Jericho got the network to bring it back so I think the fans of Girlfriends will be able to get our show back. Girlfriends is not the lowest rated show on the CW yet they are cancelling it. So, let us fans stick together and get Joan, Maya, Lynn, Monica, and William another chance because I've heard that the creator was gonna try to bring Toni back and I know everyone wants to see that. So, please call in and email and don't stop til we get something moving. Much love