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  • It's a shame that a good show like this isn't returning! I wish the CW actually read these comments so they can see how people feel about their shows and how most of them cater to the CW--"CLEARLY WHITE" PEEPS!

    IF they weren't going to bring it back, could they at least have given the show(after 8yrs)and its fans, the common courtesy to have a finale? As desperate as Joan was to get married, we should have been allowed to see her have a wedding!They could have shown Joan and Toni patching things up!What about Maya and Dornell's decision to adopt and Lynn finally becoming successful?That terrible show Gilmore Girls was allowed to have a finale-I HATED that show!! Watched it once-twice to actually have an opinion. I hate shows where the kid acts older than the parents! The CW is getting rid of all of their good shows. What's up with that new show "priviledged". That's what the CW needs-another show about rich,spoiled teenagers-I don't think they have enough shows like that! When they get good, true to life shows like Girlfriends and The Game, they put them in the worst time slots then wonder why ratings are low! They should have kept them on Monday nights-even Sunday was ok. Now they are moving The Game and Everybody Hates Chris to Friday nights--a night when no one's home. This looks like the last season for both of those shows. Why not put Gossip Girls and that Priviledged show on Fridays?
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