Season 7 Episode 14

Time to Man Up

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Feb 12, 2007 on The CW

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  • I would have liked to head this one under original. Becuase this was one of the best written and acted out episodes in the history of this show.

    Maya immediately realized that something was amiss with her new neighbors begginning with how quickly her husband sout her down when she tryed to express her opinion about anything.

    Maya has always been one given to conspiracy theory and at times with good reason. But her instinct proved to be right on target. After nosily spying on the couple she hears or sees something disturbing and calls the police. Darnell thinks that Maya is going overboard. But she sticks to her guns.

    It is later during a gathering that Darnell hears a fight and he and the guys along with the girlsfriends and Monica go over. Darnell is hostilely confronted and the husband attempts to intimidate him, William and Aaron the way he has his wife. But the stand their ground at the risk of their own safety and eventually leave. The wife stands outside begging to be let back in.
    Later she comes over and asks Maya for help. This would also be an excellent subject for Lynn to write a documentary on. It's an important and worthwhile subject.
    The writers and producers did an excellent job.