Season 7 Episode 14

Time to Man Up

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Feb 12, 2007 on The CW

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  • Maya and Darnell find another black couple who live in their neighborhood and harbor a secret. The "B" storyline was classic Girlfriends!

    This episode focused on the very serious issue of domestic abuse. Maya and Darnell meet another black couple (Alicia and Ray) who live in their neighborhood, and Maya believes she's spotted signs of an abusive relationship. She seeks to intervene in order to save Alicia from further beatings, but Alicia is still in denial about her situation. The episode urges us to be sensitive to the plight of women in trouble, and to be bold in our steps to help someone else. As in other recent episodes, I felt the story line was good, but rushed. This is the sort of situation that would have benefitted from multiple episodes.

    The side story focused on Joan and Aaron, and served to balance the extreme seriousness of the main story. Holiday monster Joan plays down her obsession with Valentine's Day after Aaron publicly states his opinion that he considers the holiday pure emotional blackmail. The conflict is resolved beautifully for the couple, but poor Aaron doesn't know what he's getting himself into…
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