Season 2 Episode 7

Trick or Truth

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Oct 29, 2001 on The CW

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  • I thought this was one of the best episodes of this series. Toni had to learn the hard way that everything is not about you and to take responsiblity for her part in causing the trouble with Joan.

    Maya and Lynn tryed to cheer Toni up by meeting her at a resturant before Joan arrived. Toni was feeling very lonely now that she and Joan were no longer friends.
    Believeing that Greg had come back and forgiven her she goes to the store for a pumpkin and returns to find him with a girl in her living room. Greg lets her know she was a fool to have thought a sorry was going to fix what she had done and that he set her up for revenge. She is comforted by Maya & Lynn on Joans front door but is rejected by Joan. After having no money left the store phones the only two people who would come to her rescue Lynn & Maya. They all meet in church and Joan is still not having anything to do with her until the minister preaches about mistakes and forgiveness. Toni repents and Joan sees that she is serious and the two reconcile at the altar.
  • Joan was still angry over Toni having blabbed to her boss about her private life and cut her off for a while. Maya,Lynn and William tryed to get Joan to speak to Toni after learning that Greg

    Thinking that Greg is back Toni's shocked to find him in her apartment cheating in her living room. Upset she goes to Joan but Joan is so hurt that she can't talk about Toni and her problems. Toni goes into a deep depression. No money, no best friend Lynn and Maya get her to see that she is the problem and reason that Joan has locked her out. Toni goes to service and realizes that she needs to accept responsibility in her life. It is very touching and original. She was very sorry and look for help beyond her control.
  • Well written and touching episode

    Joan and Toni still aren't talking b/c Joan cut her out of her life. After catching Greg cheating on her with another woman, Toni reaches her breaking point and tries to talk to Joan during her Halloween party. Joan is still furious and refuses to talk to her. The final scene at church is so moving b/c we see Toni finally owning up to her mistakes (and a great song by Donnie McClurkin 'We Fall Down') and giving herself to God. Joan follows her up to the alter and grabs her hand, reuniting their friendship. Great episode!!!
  • After meeting Maya and Lynn for tea Toni expresses her thanks to them for not cutting her off sense she and Joan are no longer friends.

    Lynn visits Toni about a Halloween wig and you sense that Toni really feels alone even though Greg is back. Later Toni walks in on Greg with another woman in her living room. This was to avenge her cheating on him with Clay Spencer. Devasted Toni trys to get Joan to speak to her Joan still hurt rejects Toni. Maya,Lynn & William with their usual hearts of gold try to get Joan to soften towards Toni. Toni ends up at church after realizes that she caused the problem and realizes that she needs help beyond herself. This was one of the most worthwhile episodes of the shows history.