Season 7 Episode 16

What Had Happened Was...

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Feb 26, 2007 on The CW
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What Had Happened Was...
After Aaron and Joan experience an uncomfortable moment when they run into one of Aaron's ex-girlfriends, they decide to discuss their past relationships with one another to avoid future awkward moments. However, when Aaron introduces Joan to one of his good friends, Keith Atwood, Joan realizes they once had a brief affair, but she failed to share this with Aaron because Keith was married at the time. Meanwhile, Darnell helps William cope after losing Monica.moreless

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  • While William and Darnell continue their bond of brotherhood and try to grapple with their various frustrations, Aaron and Joan decide to share their complete relationship past. I could have told them this was probably a bad move...moreless

    While William and Darnell continue their bond of brotherhood and try to grapple with their various frustrations, Aaron and Joan decide to share their complete relationship past. I could have told them this was a bad move...

    So William's been left " *after* the altar", and many think that this is a blessing. (I'm not sure: he and Monica do share something special; together they're their own kind of freakazoid, and you have to honor that). But William's definitely not dealing with it well, and being as passive-aggressive as he is, he has nothing in mind concrete to resolve the crisis. Which leads me to think that this is just another display of his passive-aggressiveness: as long as he doesn't actively *do* anything to mend his relationship with Monica, she won't come back. And maybe that's precisely what he wants! Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the bonding between he and Darnell -- very touching and hugely funny!

    And discovering that Joan had an affair with a married man after all that sel-righteous posturing she did when Maya was sorely tempted, makes much more sense to me now. Lady, thou doth protest *too* much! but it only serves to make Joan more human to me--you sometimes have to make a seriously bad error in judgment in order to recognize it in others. Of course, confessing it at the time would have helped as well. But, I do understand the level of shame that Joan would have felt under those circumstances. There is some dirt that you simply can't share with anyone until you're far enough removed from the situation that you dont' fall apart. But now we have a new moral crisis for Joan and Aaron as this particular married man happens to be a close friend of Aaron; and they seem to work it out smoothly--perhaps too quickly and too smoothly, but we shall see. I'm really liking Aaron and Joan...moreless
  • I am happy to see Willaim and Darnell spending more time getting to know each other. It was hilarious how Darnell tryed to get William to talk about Monica leaving, claiming he was ok and then bludgoned that snake to bits.moreless

    Joan finds out during the course of buying a new automobile that the salesman was a married man she slept with years ago.

    At the dealership when he is introduced by Aaron the too pay it cool. Once home Joan tells Maya and Lynn that she had an affair with him. The two were a bit disgusted to learn that while Joan had admonished them to leave other peoples spouses alone she herself was sleeping around.

    Maya was especially upset because Joan had rode her about Stan and her having "an emotional affair" and she was having a physical one.

    Joan was admonished not to spill it. Her conscious was bothering her and on the way to dinner she told Aaron the truth who though was upset forgave her telling Joan he loved her. The two skipped the dinner.

    William and Darnell continued to have arguments which was funny. Ending with the two butting shoulders.moreless

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    • Maya: You did what? With the who-who?
      Joan: Ohh! I slept with a married man on and off for 6 months. And he happens to be friends with Aaron. And we're supposed to have dinner with him and his wife on Saturday. Help! (Lynn stands up to leave the room) Where are you going?
      Lynn: To get a step-stool. It's gonna be a mother on your ankles when you jump down off your high horse.

    • Maya: (speaking to Joan) Damn, girl, you come up with new and inventive ways to run a man off every day!

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    • This episode references events which occurred during the second season (Maya's relationship with Stan) stating they happened six years ago. Since this is the seventh season, the events happened five years ago.