Season 7 Episode 15

Willie Or Won't He III: This Time It's Personal

Aired Sunday 9:30 PM Feb 19, 2007 on The CW

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  • William and Monica get married Finally! And crash and burn at the reception after hurtful things are said in public. Why am I not surprised?

    The main plot shows the after-effects of William publicly sharing too much information about his pre-marital doubts about marrying Monica. Monica, feeling betrayed by William's words at the reception, decides to leave him. The girlfriends try to help a devastated Monica regain her footing, but instead, their flippant, denigrating remarks about the trustworthiness of men cause Monica to leave William again, believing now that in time, he will simply repeat the same actions that wounded her. The girlfriends, busily patting themselves on the back for a good job done, have missed the real impact of their words, and done grievous damage to their friend's marriage. This is a cautionary tale, ladies and gentlemen, that will hopefully demonstrate the need to exercise some discretion when "helping" a friend.
  • I thought William and Darnell was so funny! Maya was so direct and to the point with Joan.

    Darnell tries to help William cope with Monica leaving. He claims that he alright until Darnell spots a snake and then William uses the shovel to beat the devil out of it.

    Joan reveals that she slept with one of Aaron's friends who was married at the time. Maya has a hard time trying to understand Joan when she chastised her for Stan but was sleeping with a married man.
    Lynn is not happy either. They both tell Joan about herself especially Maya who was so straight forward, honest and funny. She nor Lynn were happy with Joan.

    At a car dealership Aaron is helping Joan negotiate a car when she decovers that the car salesman- Aaron's friend was the married man she slept with.
    Later Joan tearfully tells Aaron who forgives her because he loves her. But decides not to go to the dinner.

    William and Darnell are still bickering especially when Williams calls him a "B(&"